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Weekdays 4pm

Ancient Top 10

Ancient Top 10

Ancient Top 10 is smart, fun countdown that details how ancient technology worked, how surprisingly advanced it was, and how it was kind of awesome. Location shooting, CGI, and graphics are pulled from past History series Ancient Impossible and Ancient Discoveries, and lists are organized by themes.

The stories are augmented by new entries fueled by the History archive. Episodes include updated "Top Ten" graphics and new interviews that provide "wow" facts and explain why something made the list. The lists will have organizing principles so it doesn't seem arbitrary. Episodes could include the following: Top 10 Secrets of Egypt, Top 10 Ancient Vikings, Top 10 Greek Inventions, Top 10 Ancient Weapons, Top 10 Ancient Monuments, Top 10 Ancient Ships, Top 10 Torture Devices, Top 10 Roman Inventions, Top 10 Ancient Swords, and Top 10 Ancient Sieges.