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Barry'd Treasure

Barry'd Treasure

We follow the adventures of beloved Storage Wars cast member Barry Weiss as he travels around America checking off items on his uniquely bizarre and hilarious bucket list. Joining Barry on his misadventures are various sidekicks from members of his own family to people from his quirky inner circle.  With laughs aplenty, this is one locker you don't want to miss out on.

Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss is a classic Californian oddball. He's the guy who's willing to do just about anything to make sure he gets the sale he wants, and he's particularly fond of items that have some connection to celebrities.

With his thick-rimmed glasses and wavy grey hair, Weiss almost looks like a Hollywood producer, and he certainly has the requisite eccentricity. From his Storage Wars days, Barry was well known for using bizarre methods to throw other buyers off like enlisting the services a stilt-walker wearing night vision goggles.

Barry could possibly be the most entertaining guy in the world, but only because he often seems to have lost his mind.

Barry'd Treasure

Show Me the Monkey

Barry is sent by a mystery collector to a city that's almost as weird as he is, Austin, TX. Along the way he has a "little" fun, handles one impressive family jewel, and gets smoked by a monkey.


Kentuckyana Jones and the Emperor's Vessel

Barry is called to the backwoods of Kentucky to help sell a high-priced artefact. Along the way he chauffeurs a banjo player, breaks a mirror, and drives a zebra, all in a day's work for our Barry.


The Candyman Can't

Barry touches down in the city of brotherly love with his favourite brother...Kenny from his storage buying days! Along the way he grabs some Reese's pieces, models tiny furniture, and does some Amish matchmaking...what doesn't Barry do?


The Unbearable Enlightenment of Barry

Barry takes some antiques and a magic sidekick from the city of sin to Arizona. Along the way, he stares at the sun, does a little haunting, and almost gets reborn.


Big Vice Countty

Barry and his pint-sized sidekick trek from Colorado to Montana to buy vintage vice ads. Along the way, they do Zamboni donuts, invent a new rodeo event, and meet a gopher hunter.


Birthday on the Bayou

Barry and Kenny are in New Orleans for the 101st birthday of Kenny's grandma and to sneak their way into a secret room full of priceless collectibles. Along the way, Kenny goes undercover, Barry sees a psychic, and the two of them face some of Kenny's greatest fears...BOO.


Blackman and Robin

Barry is in the city of angels, tracking down rare toys for a neighbouring collector. Along the way he finds toys in a fridge, meets a real super person, and tests Kenny's "acquisizer" skills.


All About Evel

Barry and Kenny go on an Evel Knievel leather quest that takes them all over Los Angeles. Along the way they record a "banging" song, see their cartoon counterparts, and Barry breaks one of Evel's records.