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Car Hunters


Car Hunters follows the search for people’s dream classic car. In each episode we follow a new buyer, aided by a buddy or family member, as they check out three unique vehicles from top to bottom and hit the open road for a test drive. We share in the exhilaration and deliberation, but which new ride will they cruise home in?

Car Hunters Series 1

Big Block Bonding

Jim Bussell and his son Chance have a real need for speed. While on the hunt for a car they can bond over, they check out in a rare '72 Barracuda that might take a chomp out of Jim's wallet, a 1970 Nova with surprisingly modern features, and a lowriding '72 Camaro that runs as good as she looks. It's up to Jim to decide which of these thrill rides will join the family.


Fastbacks and the Furious

Dallas Choat from Albion Nebraska is on the hunt for a new ride to cruise around town in style. Faced with this tough decision, he puts the pedal to the metal on three high-octane test drives. First, Dallas burns rubber in '67 Mustang Fastback, then a '79 Trans Am's shaker hood rocks his world, before a '67 Chevelle Super Sport has him drooling over its classic styling and big engine. Which car will come out on top?


Highs and Lows

Luis Mendoza has worked on other peoples' low-riders for years, but he's never owned one himself. However, that's all about to change, if he can decide what to spend his hard earned cash on. First an iconic '71 Cadillac DeVille convertible forces Luis reconsider what he thinks he wants; then a 1948 Chevy Fleetline cruises into Luis' sights and he knows it's the "bomb"; and finally a 1960 El Camino with full hydraulics leaves Luis dreaming of riding low and slow.


Buick Bounty

Tim Sweely is a die-hard Buick fanatic who has finally saved up enough to buy one of his own. His hunt for his perfect Buick puts him in the driver's seat of a luxurious '59 Buick Super, a sleek convertible '65 Buick Wildcat, and a powerful '69 Buick Skylark. With three unique Buicks to pick from, Tim must decide which one really drives his passion


Roads of Glory

John Dishong is an empty nester who wants to recapture his youth with a car from his past. First up, a '74 Dodge Dart hits the bulls eye on price; then a '70 Buick Electra sparks a jolt of nostalgia; lastly, a '68 Mustang Fastback triggers John's muscle memory. With three tough contenders, which car will John choose to relive his glory days?


Couple's Cruiser

Donald and Cora Durbin are busy parents to four young kids, so they're looking for a classic ride to make their rare date nights extra special. On their hunt they check out a unique '63 Studebaker GT Hawk, a classic '48 Chrysler Windsor convertible and a luxurious '68 Lincoln Continental. Faced with three very different choices, which car will the couple choose as their date-night cruiser?


Investment Ignition

Ron and his wife Angie are looking for a fun convertible that's also a smart investment. On their hunt, they test drive a zippy '59 Porsche 356 replica, a smoking-hot '58 Chevy Corvette, and a numbers-matching '66 Corvette Sting Ray. Faced with three amazing options, picking a winner won't be easy.


Drop Top and Roll

Former correctional officer Mark Piland wants to kick of his retirement in style by checking something off his bucket list: owning a classic convertible. First up, a '66 Pontiac LeMans with a powerful V8 engine; then a '71 Mercury Cougar that'll take his wife down memory lane; and last, a '65 Chevy Impala that is everything he's looking for. But can Mark find a car that'll get his and his wife's motors running as they cruise into their golden years?


Style for Miles

Kelly Huff is an LA based music producer who's on the hunt for a 50s classic that's as original as he is. Along the way he finds an immaculate '57 Ford Thunderbird that drives like a dream, a '56 Mercury Monterey that takes him straight down memory lane, and a rare '56 Continental Mark II that is the ultimate in classic luxury. But faced with three amazing rides, which car will fit Kelly's bold personality?


Motor City Memories

Jim Welch fell in love with classic cars growing up in Detroit, and he's finally ready to buy one of his own. On his hunt, Jim zips down the road in a '71 Plymouth Road Runner, flies by in a '69 Pontiac Firebird 400, and buzzes around town by in a one-of-a-kind '70 Dodge Coronet-Super Bee hybrid. But with three big contenders, which classic will best bring Jim back to his Motor City roots?


Muscle Mission

Rick Blough is an army veteran who wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a classic car. On his hunt, he test drives a '57 Chevy Bel Air upgraded with the latest parts and technology, a '66 Ford Mustang with a smokin' hot red paint job, and a gorgeous gray '65 Chevy Chevelle with a monster engine. But which classic has the muscle to win Rick over?


Generation Restoration

Growing up, Aaron Leider spent quality time working on cars with his dad. Now he and his own son are on the hunt for a car they can restore together. On their search they check out a '69 Lincoln Continental Mark III with a surprise up its sleeve, a stylish '60 Cadillac Series 62 with a big price tag, and a rare '66 Imperial Crown in need of some serious TLC. Which classic will Aaron choose as their restoration ride?


Burning Rubber

Sonny Recla is a Dallas firefighter with a true love for classic cars, and he's looking for a new ride to cruise around town in. On his hunt, he test drives a beautiful but compact '55 Ford Thunderbird, a '75 Oldsmobile Hurst with plenty of power, and a stunning '64 Chevy Impala. With three great rides to pick from, Sonny's got a tough decision on his hands.


Rural Rider

Suzi Fife is a busy mom who's looking for a cool sports utility vehicle to remind her of her childhood days on a farm. Along the way, she checks out a '78 International Harvester Scout II with vintage appeal, a souped up '70 Ford Bronco with a 3-speed transmission, and a '75 Land Rover Series III that's classic all the way. But which one will best bring her back to her rural roots?