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New episodes weeknights 8pm

Counting Cars


Danny ‘The Count’ Koker is a Las Vegas legend who acquires, restores and customises classic cars and motorcycles! You may recognise him from Pawn Stars because Danny 'The Count' walks, talks and breathes American muscle cars and motorcycles. From vintage Thunderbirds and classic Corvettes to souped-up Harleys and tricked-out trikes. When ‘The Count’ sees a ride he wants, whether it’s on display, at an auto auction or driving on the road, he will stop at nothing to get his hands on it! With the help of his passionate and talented team, Danny restores, modifies and customises in order to make as much profit as possible. Counting Cars is bursting at the seams with amazing historic vehicles, unbelievable before-and-after transformations; it’s wheeling and dealing at its absolute best!


The owner and king of Count's Kustoms, Danny is the creative force behind each project. Danny is a self-taught mechanic who grew up in Cleveland and Detroit and whose family worked for Ford. He's been successfully running his business for over 15 years and is a car- and bike-buying machine. Danny is so obsessed with hunting for, buying and flipping American muscle cars and motorcycles that when he sees a vehicle he loves, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.


He was once just a Counting Cars fan himself, but now Dweezy is the newest member of the body shop and the self-described “Buddha” of Counts Kustoms.

After coming to Vegas in the hope of landing a job at Count's Kustoms, a dream became reality when he was asked to join the team. Dweezy specialises in bodywork and metal fabrications but these aren’t the only skills he brings to the table; he has the ability to stay level headed and keep everyone calm.

Joseph Duggan

Joseph Duggan, better known as “Doc”, is the mad scientist of Count’s Kustoms, integrating the latest automotive technology into Danny’s custom rides. 

Technology integration is Doc’s speciality, from tuning motors to modern GPS systems, anything that power runs through is what Doc looks after.


Kevin is Danny’s best friend. Whenever Danny's on the road hunting for cool rides, Kevin is usually riding shotgun. Kevin helps search for vehicles and always watches Danny's back when he's snooping around. Danny loves using Kevin as collateral when he takes a stranger’s car for a test drive.


Mike is a talented airbrush artist who loves to put 3-D horns on everything he sees. Danny relies on Mike to bring "out-there" ideas to life and provide advice whenever an extraordinary project comes through the shop doors.


Roli is the shop's resident detailer. He cleans and polishes every vehicle that leaves Count's Kustoms. Roli's thick Hungarian accent is often the source of amusement at the shop.


Scott is the shop manager and bookkeeper at Count's Kustoms. He may have the loudest laugh of anyone in the shop, but his no-nonsense focus on the bottom line helps keep things running smoothly, most of the time.

His main responsibilities are managing the budget and keeping track of inventory. Scott and Danny sometimes disagree, but Scott remains employed because he keeps Danny in the black.

Counting Cars Series 5

Carl's Corvette

Danny gets a once in a lifetime commission from burger giant Carl's Jr., who is celebrating its 75th anniversary. With full creative control, a big budget, and the car of his choice, Danny builds the Corvette of his dreams, but when he plays with the client's iconic logo, has he gone too far? Meanwhile, Ryan and Shannon try to score a classic Ford Fairlane, and Mike can't get over the crazy rides in a local dealer's shop.


Sweet Lambo of Mine

Former Guns & Roses guitarist DJ Ashba arrives at Count's Kustoms in a 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago that he wants turned into the ultimate "mancar", but Danny must make sure he includes something special for DJ's wife. Ryan and Paulie hit the streets and try to score a classic Corvette that looks great on the outside, but is a disaster on the inside.


Pick Ups and Ponies

Danny gets started on a project that he's been waiting a long time to tackle, a 1971 Chevy C10 Pick Up. He plans to flip it for a big profit, but a snafu in the paint department threatens to blow the budget sky high. Later, Danny's bandmate Stoney gets in a fender bender, and it's Danny to the rescue.


El Camino Royale

Danny continues his El Caminos love affair with a 1975 beauty. But if he's going to flip this ride for a big profit, the Count's Kustoms crew will have to put aside their differences. Later, Danny seeks inspiration from none other than Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, who has a car collection that stuns even The Count.



Danny and the team take on a 1967 Caddy for a high end client, but will Ryan and Danny's plan to match the unique interior with a root beer paint job fly, or fizzle? Danny's old friend, Jeff Blando of the band Slaughter, stops by the shop to get the finishing touch on a Rock and Roll themed chopper that Danny built for him years ago. Meanwhile, Ryan and Roli spot a Buick Skylark with a Hollywood history.


Lego My Caddy

Danny has big plans for a big client. But will his evil twist on a classic Caddy impress the high rolling buyer, or leave him all out of gas? Meanwhile Ryan discovers that smaller jobs aren't always easier, as he attempts to put a Counts Kustoms paint job on a high-tech Lego car.


Blinged Out Blazer

Danny's got himself a new ride, a classic two wheel drive Chevy Blazer that he wants to trick out and flip for a big profit. Painter Ryan wants to try out a new twist on a retro flame design, but Danny is worried that it will look more "Miami Vice" than modern. Shannon and Mike spot a sweet GTO that the owner wants big bucks for, and Ryan takes Mike out to get a lesson in old school car culture from a couple of customising legends.


Twisted Chopper

Dee Snider from Twisted Sister drops by the shop to get a new "Sugar Bear" front end put on his Von Dutch chopper. Problem is, legendary bike builder and front end namesake "Sugar Bear" works at his own pace, and since Dee needs the bike in a hurry, Danny makes a road trip to LA to pick up the front end, and hang with his old friend Sugar while he's there. Back in Vegas, Ryan and Horny Mike go cruising, to try and find a new project for the shop.


Back in Time

Two brothers want to surprise their dad with the ultimate car guy gift; a fully restored 1957 Special Edition T-Bird that's been sitting in the family's pasture for many years. Will Danny be able to bring the old bird back to her original glory? Also, Mike and Ryan find an unusual car collector with some very unusual rides.


70s Scoot

Danny takes on a psychedelic chopper project that is so 70s cool, he's worried he might not be able to give it to the customer when it's done. While the bike's being worked on, he hits the streets to check out a pair of classic Mini Coopers and a rare Split Bumper Camaro.


True Fire Fiasco

A memorial bike project poses a series of challenges for the paint team after builder Shannon doesn't get all the necessary information from the customer. Also, Danny stumbles upon a collection of seriously fast rides.

Sailor's Soul

Representatives from Sailor Jerry enlist the shop's help to build a bike to commemorate the late artist's iconic style and to auction off at an upcoming charity fundraiser. With tattoos on the brain, Danny decides it's time for Mike and Ryan to finally get an upgrade on their awful body art. Also, Danny takes Mike to his buddy Steve's house to check out his 1941 Willys, hoping that Mike might learn to appreciate a true classic.