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The Curse of Oak Island


Off the coast of Nova Scotia sits a small island that is a riddle wrapped in enigma. In the 1700s, people noticed strange lights there at night, and the person sent to investigate them disappeared. Eventually, a couple of kids who rowed out to the island found a strange indentation in the ground. This discovery began a quest that goes on until this day, and has involved everyone from FDR to John Wayne.What lies beneath Oak Island? Is it a pirate treasure or a Viking horde? An ancient Fort Knox or even a lost Biblical relic like the Ark of the Covenant? No one knows, and anyone who has tried to find out has encountered an unexpected problem -- booby-traps. Someone went to great measures to hide whatever is there, because as soon as you dig down a few feet, sea-water from various hidden, man-made channels floods the hole. Enter the Lagina brothers from Michigan. Older brother Rick is obsessed with decoding the secrets, so his little brother and Texas oilman, Marty, spent a fortune to buy access to the island. The brothers dig deep into their pockets and deploy technology like never before. This could be it, but there will be obstacles. The island is allegedly cursed. There's an old prophecy that says "7 will die before the treasure is found." The Laginas are fully aware of the death toll so far...6.

Marty Lagina

Marty is Rick’s younger brother and has always looked up to him. He’s also shared Rick’s interest in Oak Island since childhood even though he’s a bit skeptical that anything was ever really buried there. He wants verifiable proof that major works were done on the island prior to the first treasure hunt in 1795 and also worries that Rick will fall victim to the island’s obsessive nature.

Nevertheless, it is Marty who is primarily financing this adventure. He’s an engineer who made millions in the energy business and now wants his older brother to accomplish his dream, too.

Rick Lagina

Brother to Marty, Rick is a retired U.S. postal worker from Northern Michigan who has been obsessed with the mystery of Oak Island since he was just 11 years old and read about it in the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest. Now he is heading up his own team of treasure hunters.

Raised by a humble, close-knit family, Rick is the kind of guy who sees the world in black and white; honour is everything, and when you commit to something, you see it through to the end. As Rick puts it: “Once in, all in!” This has been his lifelong dream, but is his determination to solve this 200-year-old mystery based on confidence or the same dangerous obsession to which so many before him have fallen victim?


The Curse of Oak Island Series 1

What Lies Below

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina now own most of the mysterious Oak Island. Determined to resurrect the 200 year old search for treasure, they explore an abandoned shaft called 10-X. What they find gives them reason to believe that the stories of something buried on the island may very well be true.

The Mystery of Smith's Cove

When the team discovers something very unusual at Smith's Cove, Rick and Marty Lagina believe they've made a huge breakthrough in unlocking Oak Island's secrets.

Voices from the Grave

As Rick and Marty Lagina begin work to drain a mysterious swamp, they are visited by a woman who lost her father and brother to a tragic accident on Oak Island that gave rise to rumours of a deadly curse.

The Secret of Solomon's Temple

A visitor to the island presents Rick and Marty Lagina with his incredible theory about where the treasure on Oak Island is located.

The Find

Rick and Marty Lagina make one of the biggest discoveries in the 200-year old search for treasure on Oak Island.

The Curse of Oak Island Series 2

Once In, Forever In

After dating the Spanish coin they found last summer to 1652, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island and the strange triangle-shaped swamp to look for more clues to this 200-year-old mystery.

Return to the Money Pit

As Rick and Marty Lagina begin excavating the infamous Money Pit, a visitor shows them evidence that the treasures from King Solomon's Temple could be buried on Oak Island.

The Eight-Pointed Star

After hearing that a treasure of biblical proportions was buried on Oak Island 2500 years ago, Rick and Marty Lagina look for evidence to prove it while also trying to locate the original Money Pit.

The Breakthrough

Rick, Marty and the Oak Island team make a potentially historic discovery in the Money Pit.

The 90-Foot Stone

A visitor comes to the island suggesting that he has discovered a secret method of getting to the treasure.

Seven Must Dye

While Rick conducts a test that may help the team locate man-made flood tunnels on the island, Marty heads to Europe to track down an incredible lead.

The Trail of the Templars

While work begins in the swamp, Rick and Marty travel to Scotland to investigate an incredible theory about the construction of the Money Pit.

X Marks the Spot

Rick and Marty search the swamp for an alternate entrance into the Money Pit.

A Dangerous Dive

Rick and Marty bring a team of divers to Oak Island to explore the legendary treasure shaft, 10-X.

The Big Reveal

The Lagina brothers and their partners make a major discovery at the bottom of 10-X.

The Curse of Oak Island Series 3

The Hole Truth

As Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island, they discover that not only does borehole 10-X contain even more secrets than previously thought, but a new technology could prove that there are numerous treasure sites lying all over the island.

Pipe Down

Rick and Marty Lagina, along with their partners, begin clearing the obstructions in the shaft of borehole 10-X to allow divers to safely explore it. Near the Money Pit, Craig Tester, his stepson Jack Begley and Oak Island treasure hunter, Dan Henskee undertake a shallow dig using satellite technology to look for a possible gold treasure cache.


Time to Dig

Rick and Marty Lagina bring heavy digging equipment to the island and their first target is where a researcher claims the treasures of the Knights Templar lie buried.


The Overton Stone

After finding the original Money Pit, Rick and Marty Lagina look at an ancient stone carving that may help prove that Portuguese explorers with connections to the Knights Templar are behind the Oak Island mystery.


Disappearing Act

As a diver preps to explore 10-X, Rick and Marty send an ROV camera down the shaft, revealing evidence that could threaten the entire operation.


Carved in Stone

Clues carved in various stones on the island are examined, and a theorist posits that the Aztec Empire may be behind the Oak Island mystery.


The Missing Peace

Rick and Marty make an intriguing discovery after forging a truce with Dan Blankenship's longtime rival, Fred Nola.


Phantoms of the Deep

Rick, Marty and their team make an amazing discovery in the waters surrounding Oak Island.


Columbus Day

Rick, Marty and the team prepare to send another professional diver down to the bottom of borehole 10-X. The team also meets with a researcher who connects Christopher Columbus to the Oak Island mystery.


Silence in the Dark

Rick, Marty and their partners obtain a mysterious sword that could connect the Roman Empire to the Oak Island treasure hunt. 


Sword Play

After getting lab results concerning the mysterious Roman sword, Rick, Marty and the team get together with a pair of treasure hunters who believe the Oak Island treasure lies north of the Money Pit.

Voices from Below

Rick, Marty and the team discover a mysterious 20-foot high void deep inside the Money Pit. The team also welcomes professional diver John Chatterton to the island and successfully reaches the bottom of borehole 10-X.


Secrets and Revelations

Rick and Marty get answers from the bottom of borehole 10-X just before making an amazing discovery deep inside the Money Pit.

The Curse of Oak Island Series 4

The Boys are Back

A recap of last season and a crash course for new viewers of History's hit series "The Curse of Oak Island."

Going for Broke

Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island and begin preparations for a major excavation in the Money Pit.

Always Forward

Rick and Marty Lagina investigate a mysterious “Hatch” which may be a secret entrance to an underground treasure tunnel on Oak Island.

Swamp Things

The Lagina Brothers find evidence of what could be an ancient shipwreck in the Oak Island swamp.

No Stone Unturned

Rick and Marty Lagina begin their search for a centuries-old treasure vault in the Oak Island Money Pit.


Rick and Marty Lagina believe they have finally located an ancient treasure vault in the Oak Island Money Pit.

Circles in Wood

The Laginas decide to move their Money Pit operation in hopes of finding a strange golden object.

All that Glitters

As Rick and Marty Lagina begin a second massive dig in the Money Pit, possible proof of a shipwreck is located in the swamp.

The Mystery of Samuel Ball

The Laginas find important evidence linking an 18th century American slave to the Oak Island mystery.