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Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen

Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen

Alfie Allen loves the beautiful game. He played at Arsenal’s Youth Camp, regularly turned out for celebrity charity football matches, until he damaged his knee, and even sang backing vocals on his dad Keith’s World Cup 1998 England team song Vindaloo.

Alfie grew up in the Premier League era and wants to find out more about the history of the world’s most popular sport.

Football: A Brief History By Alfie Allen follows the Game of Thrones star as he sets off around the UK to explore the defining moments and turning points in the establishment and growth of football in the UK.

It’s a journey that goes beyond his exclusive access to stadiums and candid conversation with icons from the game; but takes Alfie from football’s humble beginnings to the international franchise powerhouse it is today.

Featured interviews include: Alfie’s dad Keith Allen, Game Of Thrones star and Celtic fan Daniel Portman, former chairman of the FA Greg Dyke, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor, former England captain Sol Campbell, champions league winner Andy Cole, playing legend Cyrille Regis and the current women’s England football team

Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen

Episode One 

Alfie gets to grips with the origins of association football as we know it. It is a story that spans five decades and sees the game emerge out of the industrial revolution, thanks to the new-found leisure time of the working classes, and boom into the entertainment industry.

He explores the origins of association football in Shefield, visits The Oval in South London where the first FA Cup Final took place and many more English football landmarks. 

Various star guests drop by that include his father Keith Allen, broadcaster Greg Dyke and fellow Games of Thrones star Daniel Portman.


Episode Two

In the second episode Alfie explores the twentieth-century power struggle that dragged football from post-war times into the modern era.

Starting with the extraordinary story of the FA’s 1920s ban on women playing football, Alfie discovers that control of the game was something everyone wanted but no one could hold on to for long. He explores the emergence and end of the inner circle of football managers with one of his Arsenal heroes Sol Campbell, the battle for player power with the PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor, the rise and role of “agent power” with Manchester United legend Andy Cole and the darkest days of football’s racism and struggle with crowd violence with the pioneering Cyrille Regis.