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Ice Road Truckers


Over the past few decades, during two months every year, a truly historic event occurs: truckers in the world's most dangerous tundra carry vital equipment to remote outposts located hundreds of miles north of civilisation... all over roads temporarily created by frozen bodies of water. The Ice Road Truckers race against each other and the clock to get the job done before the ice melts.

Alex Debogorski

Alex has the most experience of all the foreign drivers.  With over 30 years of driving and hauling under his belt, Alex thinks he has what it takes to apply his mastery on the other side of the world.  Alex’s spotter is Sanjeev, who immediately proves himself capable of diffusing (and skirting) tense situations on the road.  Alex is glad for that too, as it doesn’t take long for him to find himself face-to-face with the Indian police.

Art Burke

Last season, Art got his first taste of the Manitoba winter roads. He started off slow working for VP, and was never able to get on the same page as owners Hugh and Vlad. After a heated argument, Art stormed down the street and found a job working for Polar Industries. Just as Art started to hit his stride, the season came to an end—but not before Art delivered the final load of season, clinching the victory for Polar. Now, Art is looking to prove that he belongs on the winter roads.

Austin Wheeler

Already a heavy hauler on the highways of southern Alaska at the age of 23, Austin is looking to make a name for himself on the Haul Road.

After working less than two years at another Carlile terminal, he's stepping up to the Dalton to prove he can match the big boys load for load.

Bear Swenson

Bear Swenson is relatively new to the Arctic ice roads, making the jump north after spending most of his life in logging. Swenson earned the nickname “Bear” during his lumberjack days because of his resemblance to Smokey Bear but he also works as a professional bear hunting guide when not trucking the ice roads. Known for his sense of humor, Bear is quick with a joke or a little smack talk, but he’s an easygoing guy who can take it as well as he gives it. Bear’s good-natured, approachable personality has earned the respect of the locals, and though Bear can be critical of their rookie mistakes, he always looks out for the younger drivers. Proud of his two kids and seven grandchildren, he’s in ice road trucking for the money, but is also motivated by taking care of his family.

Carey Hall

Carey, known as “Big Daddy,” is one the best heavy haulers out there. Born in the Bayou—Amite, Louisiana, he’s the consummate professional on the road and has earned the respect and affection of all who know him. Carey’s out to be not only the best driver, but also the best father. His grandfather and father, both truckers, inspired him to get behind the wheel, putting him in the driver’s seat of a 4–speed pick up when he was only seven. His love of big trucks has only grown since then, and Carey dropped out of college after just one semester to make the road his full-time home.

Cody Hyce

Cody is the young gun. He is about to get married and has his family on his mind more and more as his wedding day approaches. Cody catches a lot of heat for being one of the youngest heavy haulers, but he has earned his position, advancing quickly through the ranks thanks to his strong, resilient nature and a "brothers-in-arms" attitude.

He once dated Lisa "The Tomboy" and has a bit of a heavy haul competition swelling with Jack, the reigning "Heavy Hauler". Cody loves the challenge of hauling huge "monster loads" and won't stop until he's known as the best.

Darrell Ward

Last year, Darrell Ward returned to Manitoba looking to make enough money to spend more time with his family and put his children through college. He took on the winter roads, and not only achieved his goal, but also quickly became Polar’s go-to driver for the most extreme challenges. This year, he’s back to take on the roads, and prove that there is no one better than Darrell Ward.

*We are saddened by the tragic loss of Darrell Ward, a beloved member of the HISTORY family. He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

Dave Redmon

Alabama native Dave is a self-described hothead with 25 of years trucking experience that flies by the seat of his pants. After going to India and driving some of the world's deadliest roads without any game plan going in, he looks to do the same for his first stab at the North American ice roads. Will this veteran be able to handle the challenge of being an ice-road rookie? How will the other local and more even-tempered drivers receive this son of the South?


Born in Aklavik, Northwest Territories, a town of less than 600 people that’s only accessible by boat, plane or ice road, Davey was truly born and raised in ice road country. A driver, mechanic and jack-of-all-trades, Davey says he can “drive anything but a lawn mower” and do any job “except carpentry.” He’s a straight-talker, but also one of the most cheerful people you’ll ever meet, always ready to do work that other people can’t or won’t do. He drove his first snowplow as a teenager, and worked profiling and building ice roads back when it was done by hand, drilling holes in the ice, and “praying you didn’t fall through.” A safety and Arctic survival expert, he has numerous stories of close calls on the ice and with local wild animals. He’s a good-hearted, patient father figure who looks after his fellow drivers and mechanics, and is always prepared to help anyone out. Half Inuvialuit, half Gwich’in, Davey is a true native of the Arctic and a respected veteran.

Drew Sherwood

Last year, Drew Sherwood quit early in his rookie season on the Yellowknife ice roads, because he felt that Hugh, his employer, wasn't treating him fairly or respectfully. Drew is looking to show that last year was a fluke and that this experienced highway driver can make it on an ice road just as well as Hugh, Rick or Alex. Last year it was about the money, but this year, it's also about respect. A family man, Drew's wife and kids are the most important thing in his life. He wants to make a lot of money to help improve their lives, and a vacation in Cuba or a family trip to see a live NASCAR race are big motivations for Drew to bounce back and have a strong year on the ice this time around.

George Spears

George, "The King of the Haul Road," is a revered veteran of the northern Alaskan ice roads. After 30 years, George has seen and heard it all and often teaches new drivers the tricks of the trade. He knows every curve and corner, but even his wealth of experience hasn't kept even him from crashing into the occasional ditch. This will mark his last winter on the roads, and George wants to make it one to remember.

Hugh Rowland

Season after season, Hugh “The Polar Bear” Rowland has dominated the ice roads of Canada and Alaska. Now out of his element half a world away, Hugh will have to rely on every second of his veteran experience–and probably learn some new tricks–to make it in South America.

Jack Jessee

Jack Jesse is a character straight out of an old western. A fearless driver, he will haul anything, anywhere, anytime. Specializing in the heavy haul, Jack has little patience for co-workers who don't pull their own weight. He's in the business for the money and the challenge and has this to say about ice road trucking in Alaska: “You learn the road really fast … or you end up dead."


By all accounts the most talented driver and operator of his generation. He is held in universal respect and is a natural leader. Recognized for his ready intelligence, ability and wit, he started driving at 16, owned his first truck at 18 and has now traded up to his third vehicle. He is a devoted father. He operates a two-story mining shovel at Diavik when he’s not trucking on the ice road.


Jerry is a 26-year veteran of the trucking industry. Since 2000, he’s worked as a “truck push” in the Arctic with Mullen Transportation –that means he is responsible for the safety of the truckers and delivery of the loads. Jerry takes safety seriously and knows that, especially in the Arctic, people can get hurt if the job doesn’t get done right. This year, Jerry’s got a big challenge on this hands: the moving of a massive big rig up the ice road.

Joey Barnes

In a remote corner of Manitoba, Joey “The King of Obsolete” Barnes has deemed his plot of land  “The Kingdom,” and it’s filled with vintage CATs and trucks from the 1930s to the 1970s. Many of the vehicles are rarities, and he’s re-engineered many of them into his own unique pieces of equipment.

Lisa Kelly

Lisa, the “queen of the ice roads,” pulled out all the stops last season on India’s deadliest roads, but South America is a whole new ballgame. Will she be able to stay strong while the Andes push her fear to new heights, or will she be forced to give up the driver’s seat?

Maya Sieber

At just 5'4", Maya doesn't fit the stereotype of the burly truck driver, but she has an outsized passion for trucking that she wears on her skin, she sports a "Kenworth" tattoo on her neck that advertises her commitment to the job.

Maya got her start hauling heavy loads on the crowded streets and highways of New York City, a proving ground for any trucker looking to hone their skills with an 18-wheeler. She is a rookie on the ice roads and one of the few women toughing it out in a man's game but her ambition and determination could help make her a contender on the hills and climbs of the frozen Dalton Highway. Maya is used to achieving exactly what she puts her mind to, but will that be enough torque to get her up the Dalton.

Ray Veilleux

A newcomer to Alaska from the economically-depressed state of Montana, Ray Veilleux is a man on a mission. He was an owner/operator whose business closed down during the recession. Now, he's in Alaska working his way up from the bottom all over again. He recently signed on with Carlile to work in the yard strapping down loads. He put in a few months of grunt work until a driver spot opened up. Now, Ray has a beat up old truck and a few runs under his belt, but he still isn't sure what he's gotten himself into.

Rick Yemm

Rick has been away from the ice roads for a few seasons, but this year he and his blue mohawk are back in business.

Fired by Hugh Rowland in Season 1, Rick proved himself in Season 2, working the same Arctic roads as his former boss, but Rick has always been plagued by breakdowns, accidents and other truck troubles that keep him out of the hunt.

Confident after tackling the treacherous mountain roads of India, Rick is ready to return to the more familiar terrain of the ice roads, but will his old rivalry with Hugh make or break Rick in this season's dash for the cash?

Ron Mangum

His name is Ron Mangum, but everyone calls him "Porkchop".

This season, he's heading north from South Carolina and putting 14 years of experience to the test as a Haul Road rookie. His aim is to provide for his family and show that he can be the type of father he never had himself.

Tim Freeman

Tim, an ice road rookie, has been around trucks since he was a kid. Born in Blackduck, Minnesota, Tim quit high school in 10th grade to work on a dairy farm, and he’s been working ever since. He’s recently made his living on the flat roads of the American Midwest, but now he says he’s ready to take on the challenge of the Alaskan roads and start raking in some big money. Tim will learn the ins–and–outs of the trade from family friend “The Veteran” George Spears.


TJ is an Ice Road newbie with a lot of attitude. He comes from a dairy farming/rodeo family that also happens to have deep roots in the trucking world. His grandfather, uncles, father and mother were all truck drivers at one point in time. TJ believes that trucking is one of the best jobs in the world especially if you’re like him: young, single and free. TJ, however, hates the cold, hates the ice and is not here for the money; he’s here for the “experience.” While he has wide eyes for the adventure, his attitude could get him into serious trouble. TJ just made his first trip across a narrow stretch of ice on his way to Yellowknife from Ontario and he was visibly unsettled by the experience.

Todd Dewey

A mountain log hauler during the summer, Todd came to Manitoba during the logging off-season looking to cash in on the lucrative winter roads. Todd’s skill set and chemistry with boss Hugh was the perfect fit for VP Express. While Todd managed to keep pace, his season was not without its share of problems. This season, Todd’s jumped ship to Polar looking for a smoother season. But now he’ll have to prove himself all over again to his new boss Mark.

Tony Molesky

A single dad and 19-year veteran of the ice road, Tony is gearing up to take a shot at winning the load count this season. Tony thinks he's got what it takes to make his mark on the Dalton.

He's won plenty of trophies as a former high-school wrestling champion, but there is one accolade not yet in his possession, King of the Haul Road. In the prime of his career, it's next on his list, but after forcing his truck into a ditch to dodge a head-on collision in the first accident of his career, his confidence is shaken. Will he be able to overcome his fears and get back on the horse?

Or will the near-miss, and the new competition, derail him for good?

Ice Road Truckers Series 10

Against All Odds

As experts predict one of the shortest and warmest winters on record, the ice road truckers face the biggest challenge in their history. The companies risk financial ruin and the communities face devastation unless the drivers defy the odds and deliver the vital supplies before their small window of opportunity slams shut.


Feeling the Heat

Facing a season expected to be one of the shortest on record, both teams are under pressure. At Polar, Art Burke fights to get back on the road after his truck crashes into a snowbank. Ice roads legend Alex Debogorski makes his triumphant return, facing off with an untested crossing. Looking to expand his squad, Polar boss Mark Kohaykewych tests out new driver Steph Custance. Across town, the competition pushes ahead as Lisa Kelly comes faces to face with a monster incline. And deep in the wilderness, Darrell Ward runs into long-time rival Todd Dewey.



As a short season looms, the drivers are up against it. Hundreds of miles from the nearest town, Lisa Kelly finds herself stranded. Darrell Ward rolls the dice by taking an off-road short cut, untested by any other truck. Art Burke squares off with a melting ice crossing and a load that's right at the weight limit. And twenty-two year-old Steph Custance finds out whether she'll be joining the Polar team.


Trial by Ice

Looking to expand their company, Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly head into Alberta and onto a trail nicknamed "The Death Road." Art Burke faces off with the ice crossing where he nearly lost his life last season. And Polar's top dog Todd Dewey takes rookie Steph Custance under his wing as she embarks on her very first ice roads journey.


The Rookie

Looking to expand their company, Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly head into Alberta and onto a trail nicknamed "The Death Road." Art Burke faces off with the ice crossing where he nearly lost his life last season. And Polar's top dog Todd Dewey takes rookie Steph Custance under his wing as she embarks on her very first ice roads journey.


Bridge to Nowhere

Darrell Ward faces a trail nicknamed “the obstacle course.” Todd Dewey struggles to clear a melting ice bridge. Polar veteran Alex Debogorski is pushed to the limit hauling an oversized fuel tank. And Art Burke stumbles onto an ice crossing in the dead of night.


Into the Fire

On her first ever solo trip, Polar rookie Steph Custance braves one of the longest ice crossings on the winter roads map. Darrell Ward attempts a triple delivery in a single day. An engine fire stops Lisa Kelly dead in her tracks. And Polar’s top dog Todd Dewey celebrates his birthday stuck on the edge of a closed road.


Hello Nino

Todd Dewey must fix his truck or be stranded a hundred miles from the nearest town. Alex Debogorski confronts a creek that’s thawed in the middle of the road. On an important run for Polar, Art Burke receives news that could be devastating. And Lisa Kelly battles an ice crossing unlike any she’s seen all season.


The Convoy

As the end of the record short season nears, Polar Boss Mark Kohaykewych makes an historic deal with rivals Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly to join forces for a four truck convoy over a closed road. Alex Debogorski must complete one of the longest trails in the final hours. And Art Burke’s truck give out on the ice!


The Final Ride

The historic four truck convoy faces fire and a crossing so thin, they must test the thickness themselves. After Art Burke’s engine dies, he must travel back to Winnipeg with Alex Debogorski over a trail that destroys the old pro’s truck.

Ice Road Truckers Series 9

Crossing Enemy Lines

This season, the balance of power on the winter roads is turned upside down. Reigning champ Polar Industries returns, looking to maintain their dominance by any means necessary. But trucking rival, Darrell Ward, isn't backing down. He wants to turn his upstart company into a force on the winter roads. His first order of business is poaching an ice road legend out from the grips of Polar Industries. The bold move sparks an all-out war on the frozen frontier.


Icy Grave

The war for ice road supremacy is heating up and Polar Industries is pushing their drivers to the absolute limit. Art Burke must cross one of the longest winter roads in the world. Polar's top driver, Todd Dewey, is forced to dig himself out of mountains of fresh snow or risk a dangerous night in freezing temperatures. Rival, Darrell Ward, takes a load over a newly opened road littered with abandoned trucks frozen in time.


Trail Blazers

Polar Industries goes for the record books, sending driver Todd on a risky run to deliver the heaviest haul in company history. But will the weight prove to be too much on a tenuous ice crossing. Art's sent on a high stakes rescue mission, and finds the job is more than he bargained for. Lisa lands an exclusive contract over one of the wildest trails in Canada. And Darrell steals a load from Polar, leading to a clash between him and Mark.


New Cold Blood

Polar boss Mark Kohaykewych shakes things up when he brings new soldier Mike Simmons into the winter roads battle. But when the rookie's paired with company wildcard Art Burke, it makes for a rocky trip. Top dog Todd Dewey and rival Darrell Ward both hit a newly opened trail, but when Todd breaks down in the middle of nowhere, he might be out of luck and out of time. Polar veteran Alex Debogorski gets lost and must rely on pure instinct to find his way out. And new business owner Lisa Kelly faces an ice road trucker's nightmare on a dangerous crossing.


Power Trip

New business owners Darrell and Lisa get the jolt they need with a high-stakes mission-transformers desperately needed for a distant town's electrical supply. Polar's top dog Todd Dewey runs into trouble with a government contract. Truck problems have Polar driver Art Burke's season headed for the gutter. And ice road rookie Mike Simmons tries to get over the hump on his first solo delivery.


Break on Through

Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly try to make good on a power play for their young company but could lose everything when Darrell's truck breaks down. Polar driver Todd Dewey must backtrack hundreds of miles to recover lost freight or risk losing a vital contract. Rookie Mike Simmons' inexperience costs him on one of Canada's toughest winter roads. And as trails and crossings continue to melt, Art Burke finds himself fighting for his life on the ice.

Ice Road Truckers Series 8

The Gathering Storm

As the season opens, the race begins for VP Express and Polar Industries. This year both companies face a much bigger adversary, the Polar Vortex, bringing with it the worst winter conditions in a century. With the storm only days away, it's a race for loads. Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward return to lead team Polar to victory, while Art Burke and Todd Dewey both set out to prove to the boss that they can deliver with the best of them. Meanwhile, at VP Express, seasoned pros and former rivals Alex Debogorski and Hugh Rowland join forces and head out into the frozen frontier.


Rushin' Roulette

It's a race against Mother Nature as the ice road truckers rush to get critical loads delivered while the storm of the century approaches. Lisa and Art face a deadly shutdown on the ice, while a feud between Darrell and Todd threatens to rip team Polar apart. And a heavy pad on thin ice has Alex searching for divine assistance.


Into the Vortex

A brutal storm descends on the winter roads, and frozen hell comes with it. Blinding winds, driving snow, and bone-chilling cold assault the ice road truckers as they fight their way through the storm of the century to deliver their critical cargo. But even the toughest truckers on the planet are no match for Mother Nature, and losing this battle might cost them their lives.


Snow Bound

A monster storm brings record breaking snowfall onto the winter roads. Polar drivers Darrell and Todd try to muscle through, while the rest of the team fights to survive, stranded in the wild with no help in sight and no hope on the horizon. Meanwhile, despite frigid temperatures the war between VP Express and Polar reaches a boiling point.


The Storm Troopers

The battle royal with Mother Nature continues as the Ice Road Truckers fight through the storm of the century. Art, Todd, and Lisa press their luck on ice that is buckling under the weight of heavy snow. As conditions deteriorate, Alex is left running on fumes and in desperate need of a lifeline. Darrell goes toe-to-toe with his boss in a fight that'll be a game changer on the winter roads.


The Lone Wolf

A defection in the ranks takes the battle for the winter roads to a whole new level. Hugh hatches a plan for VP Express to crush the competition, hauling the most lucrative load to date across treacherous terrain. The pressure is on Todd and Lisa to up their game and push further out into the frozen frontier.


Blazing the Trail

With temperatures on the rise, conditions on the ice roads quickly deteriorate. The truckers from Polar and VP Express are pushed to the brink, crossing thin ice on their way to deliver critical loads. Lisa and Todd go where no other trucker this season has gone before, tackling a remote road that's completely untouched. After cutting ties with Polar, Darrell races to deliver loads to make up for lost time. Art's mishaps on the ice roads could cost him his job.


Highway to Hell

Lisa and Todd embark on one of the toughest missions of the season, tackling an untamed trail dubbed the `Highway to Hell'. Darrell Ward steals business out from under his former boss at Polar Industries. A crash could mean the end of Alex's trucking season.


Flirtin with Disaster

With Darrell's new company on a roll, he calls in a surprising reinforcement, but can this new team member hack the treacherous ice roads. A brush with near disaster could cut Hugh's season short. And, Lisa and Todd convoy into unchartered territory on a privately built, unmaintained road through the frozen frontier.


Icing on the Lake

Darrell continues teaching Reno how to drive the ice roads, but Dad's overprotective ways may be too much; Art gets some royal help on a trip far north; faulty wiring could sink Alex's cement load; Lisa and Todd hit a road block in their race to keep Polar in the load count competition.


Journey to the End of the Earth

With temperatures rising and the winter roads quickly melting away, it's a mad dash to the finish line. VP Express and Polar are neck and neck in a race to end the season on top. Polar drivers Lisa, Art and Todd embark on an epic journey up the longest seasonal winter road in the world. VP stays closer to home, traveling treacherous roads in a late attempt to boost their load count.


World's End

The end of the line is here. The Polar drivers face the long, difficult journey back down the world's longest seasonal winter road. Lisa has to make a game-changing a competitor push further into the arctic unknown or stick with her teammates and convoy back to Polar headquarters. Her decision could be costly as conditions quickly deteriorate.

Ice Road Truckers Series 7

Collision Course

Battle lines are drawn in Manitoba. Hugh Rowland returns to the winter roads with a grudge and a goal: run his previous employer out of town. For the first time in seven years, Hugh is a boss again and he wants to steal away as many loads as he can from rival Polar Industries. But Polar Industries owner Mark Kohaykewych isn't about to take this challenge lying down. To counter Hugh's threat on his turf, he enlists some of Hugh's biggest rivals, including a secret weapon: Alaskan Ice Road Icon Lisa Kelly.

Every load delivered, means money out of the other team's pocket. No assignment is off limits, no road is too dangerous and no ice crossing is too thin in this battle for Winter Roads supremacy.


Art Attack

VP Express finally delivers their first loads of the season, but after a heated confrontation with owners Hugh Rowland and Vlad Pleskot, new hire Art Burke falls behind the bosses on the way back home. When his truck breaks down hundreds of miles from Winnipeg, Art suddenly finds himself stranded and alone.

Polar snags a lucrative new contract, but it's over one of the most dangerous roads in Manitoba. Darrell Ward is the first to blaze the trail, but when he fails to conquer a mammoth incline, he's sent rolling backwards onto the ice. Fellow Polar drivers Lisa Kelly and Alex Debogorski follow close behind, but Lisa's broken wrist threatens to shut her down in the remote Canadian wilderness.


Fear The Crack

With loads needed to be hauled for their half million dollar contract, VP bosses Hugh Rowland and Vlad "The Mad Russian" Pleskot agree to keep struggling new hire Art Burke aboard. But they bring in new ice road hopeful Todd Dewey to keep freight moving and put pressure on Art to perform. In a convoy with Hugh and Art, Todd is put to the ultimate test as he faces the first ice crossing of his career.

After rival Polar Industries snags a deal to haul loads over a newly opened road, Darrell Ward is sent out to test it, but his truck has a problem that could prove to be deadly. Lisa races to get off the winter roads and back into the load count battle with rival VP Express. While Alex Debogorski retraces his steps over the deadly Shamattawa trail with a giant forklift, knowing a successful delivery will help Polar hold off his old rival Hugh.


Ice Rodeo

In the battle for winter road supremacy, boss Hugh Roland's plans for VP Express are on the verge of falling apart. Will broken down trucks and ticked off drivers be the straws that break the Polar Bear's back? Meanwhile VP driver Art Burke's season takes another bad turn in the wilds of the winter roads.

Over at Polar, the team is faced with massive challenges as drivers race to stay ahead of its rival. Lisa Kelly is put to the test when a dangerous situation threatens her heaviest haul yet, while Darrel Ward is confronted with a 30 ton problem.


World War Hugh

In the battle for winter road supremacy, boss Hugh Roland's plans for VP Express are on the verge of falling apart. Will broken down trucks and ticked off drivers be the straws that break the Polar Bear's back? Meanwhile VP driver Art Burke's season takes another bad turn in the wilds of the winter roads.

Over at Polar, the team is faced with massive challenges as drivers race to stay ahead of its rival. Lisa Kelly is put to the test when a dangerous situation threatens her heaviest haul yet, while Darrel Ward is confronted with a 30 ton problem.


Hail to the King!

The battle for winter roads supremacy turns personal when VP Express boss Hugh Rowland steals a driver from Polar Industries and convinces the new hire to block his former employer's front gate with his truck. Alex Debogorski looks to lock in one of Polar's biggest contracts. But when a fire erupts in his cab, the forty-year veteran could lose more than just a paycheck.

Polar boss Mark Kohaykewych shows his faith in Lisa Kelly when he sends the Alaskan icon on a challenging one-day round trip mission. At VP Express, drivers Art Burke and Todd Dewey must complete the longest haul of the season. But when Todd's battery explodes and showers him with corrosive acid, both his truck and his health are put in jeopardy. And in the northern most reaches of Manitoba, the self described King of Obsolete, Joey Barnes, dares to truck beyond the winter roads.


Load Rules

Alex Debogorski races to complete one of Polar's most critical hauls of the season after a dashboard fire nearly costs him more than just a paycheck. Lisa's forced to stop in the middle of a frozen lake when she loses sight of the road. Darrell Ward's patience with Polar reaches its limit after he fails to receive a promised load.

At VP Express, Art Burke and Todd Dewey run into trouble when they find their high priced hauls frozen in the snow. And the King of Obsolete's convoy breaks through the ice on one of the most remote trails in Manitoba.


Art of War

The landscape in the battle for winter roads supremacy is shaken to the core as Art Burke locks horns with VP Express bosses Hugh Rowland and Vlad Plescott while at Polar, Darrell Ward confronts owner Mark Kohaykewych. Alex Debogorski gets stuck on a pressure ridge hauling a $100K load on the ice. And Lisa Kelly encounters her most treacherous ice crossing of her young winter roads career.


Haul to the Wind

Drivers Lisa Kelly, Alex Debogorski, Art Burke and Darrel Ward all attempt to conquer a remote, unmonitored trail, as the battle for Ice Road supremacy presses on. From lake crossings on thinning ice to wrong turns in the wilderness, the crew from Polar is put to the test.

Meanwhile, rival VP Express' run over the melting roads leads to trouble when boss Hugh Rowland crashes into the ditch. Plus, Hugh shakes up the winter roads war when he makes Lisa an offer she might not be able to refuse.


Jagged Little Hill

As the end of the season nears, Polar tries to fulfill their contract over the unregulated road to Utik Lake. But when a jackknifed truck blocks the remote trail, it's up to Darrell Ward to move the wrecked rig all by himself. Lisa Kelly also braves the path to Utik with her heaviest haul of the season, and the melting roads give her a ride she'll never forget.

New Polar hire Art Burke struggles on his first solo run as engine problems threaten to shut him down. At VP, rookie Todd Dewey's excavator haul causes multiple tires to blow out from under the massive weight. And The King of Obsolete's crew breaks through the ice at one of the northernmost destinations on the winter roads.


The Wrecking Crew

With only days remaining in the season to determine the load count winner, Polar and VP Express race to deliver hauls over the rapidly melting roads. At VP, boss Hugh Rowland drives a fire truck up the rugged route to Wasagamack. But before hitting the trail, he makes an unwelcome surprise visit at the Polar yard. Rookie Todd Dewey tries to make it back to Winnipeg with a load so light, he struggles to gain any traction. Polar driver Alex Debogorski is unable to manage the slick roads and crashes grill first into the ditch.

Polar convoy Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly hit the road with the widest haul of the season. But when Darrell's truck is unable to pull the monster load any further, it's up to Lisa to take it the final stretch. And Polar driver Art Burke is forced to break the cardinal sin of ice road trucking--never stop on the ice!


Winter Takes All

As the ice roads melt away, Polar and VP Express are neck and neck in the load count. Racing to come out on top this season, both Polar and VP take on a late season mission to the remote village of God's Lake. Every driver joins the massive race, hoping their company comes out on top. But with the roads melting, getting in is only half the battle.

Every driver must make it off the roads before they melt away or risk losing their truck and cargo to the Manitoba backwoods. It's the final dash for the cash, and only one company can win the load count.

Ice Road Truckers Series 6

Aces and Jokers

The Ice Road Truckers battle across the continent over frozen lakes, rivers, and ocean. Alex heads farther north than ever before on the deadly Dempster. Hugh and Rick face an impossible task on the thin ice of Manitoba's Winter Roads. In Alaska, veteran Jack Jessee returns to lead a pack of hungry new drivers on the biggest mission in Carlile's history.


Sink or Swim

Alex drives on the Arctic Ocean, to the northernmost Canadian village accessible by ice road. Hugh and Rick face melting ice in a desperate search for missing trailers.

In Alaska, a massive oil rig move continues as Jack struggles to mentor impatient young driver, Austin Wheeler. And, it's judgement day for the Dalton rookies as both Darrell and Porkchop meet with the boss to see if they pass their training runs.


Hammer Down

In Alaska, the clock is ticking on the Dalton as the deadline to deliver a massive oil rig pushes every driver to step it up to get the job done. Will the pressure of his first ice crossing cause one rookie to crack?

Plus, Alex races to deliver a load to a village across an icy river delta, but a looming storm threatens to trap him just inches above the rushing current. Meanwhile, Hugh and Rick fight the melting winter roads to deliver their first load of the season to Winnipeg, when a rookie mistake leaves Rick in the line of fire.


No Way Out

The biggest storm of the season hits the Haul Road. A trailer malfunction leaves Jack Jessee in danger of getting stranded as the brutal weather closes in. Eager rookie Austin Wheeler is free of former mentor Jack, but in the brutal winter conditions his impatience threatens to shut down the Haul Road.

In Manitoba, Canada, Hugh and Rick are transporting vital water tanks to the remote community of St. Theresa Point. But getting to the remote village means crossing a newly opened section of the winter roads, and taking their heavy loads across untested ice.


Desperate Measures

With the Dalton shut down, every haul road driver fights to make their delivery as the DOT scrambles to reopen the road. Austin spends the night on the North Slope after going into the ditch. Darrell is up early to keep his lead in the load count, but a tragic wreck changes his plans.

Jack wakes up in Coldfoot after being forced to remove two wheels from his trailer and news of the wreck has him scrambling for information.

While the rest of the Dalton drivers fight the remnants of the storm, Porkchop is miles away in Fairbanks after being pulled off the road by Lane.

On the Dempster, Alex is racing south to get another load, but the storm that recently ravaged the Dalton is headed for the Yukon. Alex must race the storm to make it south and back before the road shuts down. In Manitoba, the brutally warm conditions of the winter roads have made driving nearly impossible.


Blood, Sweat and Gears

It's time for drivers to step up or step out of the game. With tension on the road at the breaking point, one driver will walk away. Austin is tasked with the biggest load of the season so far: an entire cabin, balanced precariously on an oversized trailer. The news of Austin's entry into the world of heavy haul rubs Jack Jessee the wrong way. But even with a regular load of freight, the Dalton proves to be a challenge for Jack when he battles oncoming traffic on a slick section of road.

Carlile boss Lane Keator makes the call to put South Carolina native Porkchop in a convoy with Darrell Ward, hoping that Porkchop will learn something from the Montana log hauler.

On the Dempster, Alex races up the road before the gathering snow shuts everything down. Hugh and Rick s cement truck haul goes awry, putting the boys at odds with the law. After days of struggling to reach Red Sucker Lake to deliver their loads, now they're just hoping to stay out of jail.


Hard Road Ahead

On the Dalton, everyone is gunning to be the new haul road ace, but Darrell's plan is derailed by a massive wreck that calls into question his reasons for being in Alaska.

Porkchop gets his shot to prove himself with a solo run to a remote Alaskan village, but the sheer cliffs of the access road are more than he bargained for.

Austin finally joins a heavy haul team, but a disaster on the grueling 100-ton haul leaves his chance for glory in question.

Alex faces the Dempster in reverse, but a sign of trouble on the ice has the veteran riding with an open door ready.


Proving Ground

On the Dalton, everyone is gunning to be the new haul road ace, but Darrell's plan is derailed by a massive wreck that calls into question his reasons for being in Alaska.

Porkchop gets his shot to prove himself with a solo run to a remote Alaskan village, but the sheer cliffs of the access road are more than he bargained for.

Austin finally joins a heavy haul team, but a disaster on the grueling 100-ton haul leaves his chance for glory in question.

Alex faces the Dempster in reverse, but a sign of trouble on the ice has the veteran riding with an open door ready.


Braking Bad

On the Dalton, Austin's trying to prove himself in a heavy haul convoy, but pushing the 100-ton modular building through blowing snow leads to a rookie mistake that threatens the entire mission.

Word of Jack Jessee’s return gets Darrell Ward on the road early, but the Montana log hauler's quest to become the new haul road ‘ace’ is derailed by notorious Atigun Pass. Porkchop’s been struggling with a series of deliveries off the Dalton, but at dispatch he gets an unexpected load.

With Rick still out of commission, Hugh makes a "Hail Mary" play to save his season by drafting a ragtag team of drivers into a convoy across the ice; it’s a high risk gamble that puts his life in the hands of an ice road rookie. Alex is dispatched with a time sensitive load bound for a remote mining operation, but the sheer cliffs and soft shoulders of the one lane mine road push the veteran and his truck to the limit.


Stacking the Deck

In Canada, Alex Debogorski is trusted with a million dollar load, but at the start of his trip, the one lane mine road earns its reputation as one of the deadliest roads in North America.

On the Dalton, the load count rivalry gets personal. When haul road ace Jack Jessee pulls a veteran move on Darrell Ward, the Rocky Mountain log hauler fights back to take the lead. While the two heavyweights battle each other, Austin Wheeler s battling his first solo heavy haul of the season, but facing the Dalton alone proves more of a challenge when there’s no one else to rely on.

Porkchop’s also on his own, running the Dalton solo for the second time, but the newfound freedom has him taking risks that have put his life and others in jeopardy. In Manitoba, Hugh leads a rag tag convoy across the winter roads, but when they encounter trouble on the ice, Hugh has to prevent a first time ice road trucker from breaking through.


Hurricane Alley

On the Dempster, Alex faces Hurricane Alley, but the biggest blizzard of the season plunges him into a complete whiteout that buries the road, and leaves Alex and his convoy partner no way to escape.

On the Dalton, Darrell Ward raises the stakes in his rivalry with Jack Jessee, but the north slope keeps him grounded as frost heaves threaten to shake his load apart. While Jack deals with Darrell’s aggressive move, it’s Atigun Pass that nearly takes out the veteran.

Rookie Porkchop also struggles to climb Atigun Pass, and keep his streak of successful solo runs going. Austin is sent out on a heavy haul special assignment, but being forced to load the oversized cargo himself could be too much for the young heavy hauler.


Battles Lines

Rick returns to find the Winter Roads even more brutal and unforgiving than before, but he puts both his and Hugh's season in jeopardy when he crashes into a superintendent of the road. In Alaska, Austin's been given the toughest challenge of his Dalton career, five 85-foot sections of long pipe and getting the load to Prudhoe Bay is a battle between the 23-year-old’s skill and overconfidence.

Jack Jessee’s got a special delivery off the Dalton, and with temperatures on the North Slope hovering near negative 50, Porkchop is sent along to help Jack get the job done. But Porkchop’s desire to get ahead in the load count gets the better of him, and a reckless decision leaves Jack furious and alone at 50 below. But the cold temperatures also have Darrell Ward fighting to stay warm when his truck dies on the frigid North Slope.


Cold Bloodied

On the Dalton, extreme temperatures have the oil fields on the verge of a cold weather shutdown, leaving Jack Jessee scrambling to get out of town. Austin makes a time saving decision to not chain up, but it leaves his load spinning toward the edge. Darrell Ward also rolls the dice to save time, but his risky decision forces him into a desperate situation on one of the Dalton's steepest inclines. And it’s the final trial for Porkchop, and former trainer Phil Kromm is the judge.

On the Dempster, massive snowfall has the road closed, cutting off northern Canada s only lifeline. Alex must brave the brutal conditions to deliver the machinery the DOT needs to open the road. And on the Winter Roads, Hugh's drive to save his season jeopardizes his 18 year friendship with Rick Yemm.


Chopping Block

Awaiting On the Dalton, extreme temperatures have the oil fields on the verge of a cold weather shutdown, leaving Jack Jessee scrambling to get out of town. Austin makes a time saving decision to not chain up, but it leaves his load spinning toward the edge. Darrell Ward also rolls the dice to save time, but his risky decision forces him into a desperate situation on one of the Dalton’s steepest inclines. And it’s the final trial for Porkchop, and former trainer Phil Kromm is the judge.

On the Dempster, massive snowfall has the road closed, cutting off northern Canada’s only lifeline. Alex must brave the brutal conditions to deliver the machinery the DOT needs to open the road. And on the Winter Roads, Hugh’s drive to save his season jeopardizes his 18-year friendship with Rick Yemm.


Race The Melt

On the Dalton, Jack Jessee and Darrell Ward are dispatched across the ice to make the final run to the village of Nuiqsut, but with the road scheduled to close at sundown, failure will leave them trapped on the wrong side of the water. Tied for the top of the load count, Austin Wheeler’s looking to end the season as the new champ, but after weeks of heavy hauls and risky maneuvers, Austin may have finally pushed his truck too far. Returning former load count champion Ray Veilleux is trying to prove he still has what it takes after a breakdown put an end his first haul.

On the Dempster, Alex gambles with an extra large trailer to haul all of the season’s final supplies, but the high winds of hurricane alley put his fragile plywood trailer to the test. In Manitoba, the Winter Roads are melting fast and if Hugh and Rick can’t put days of animosity aside and work together, they’ll both end up stuck in the bush until the roads form next season.


The Final Showdown

Spring comes to the top of the world as across North America, drivers are racing to deliver the last loads of the season before the ice melts away. On the Dalton, the load count race is too close to call as Jack and Darrell race neck and neck, but an aggressive move by Darrell Ward leaves Jack Jessee in the dust, and has the ace wondering if he’s lost the load count title.

Austin Wheeler gets another chance to end his season strong when his truck comes out of the shop, but the giant modular building he’s hauling may be too much for his failing engine to handle. Alex Debogorski has to cross the ocean with supplies for the village of Tuktoyaktuk, but the arctic breakup has the ice shattering beneath his wheels, forcing him to do the one thing drivers are never supposed to do: stop on the ice. On the Winter Roads, Hugh and Rick return to Winnipeg to cash out, but a season’s worth of bad blood leads to an explosive showdown with Polar Industries owner Mark Kohaykewich.

Ice Road Truckers Series 5

Pushing The Edge

The Ice Road Truckers are back in action, and the roads are more dangerous than ever. Lisa's first run of the season goes south in a hurry. Two rookie drivers raise the stakes in the "Dash for the Cash." And old pros Hugh and Alex, along with wildcard Rick Yemm, leave Alaska behind to take on some of the most remote and deadliest roads on the planet.


Ice Road Rage

Hugh and Rick roll deeper into the Canadian outback, while a dangerous overflow may leave Alex stranded in the wilderness. Dave's training run with Tony reaches the boiling point. Lisa Kelly goes on a rescue mission. And Maya's first look at the Haul Road may be enough to send this rookie back to the big city.


Wrong Turn & Burned

Dave's hot temper may cost him his second, and final shot to become an Ice Road Trucker . Maya fights to prove she belongs behind the wheel. Tony visits the scene of the accident that nearly cost him everything, and Lisa gets a shot to redeem last year's biggest failure. In Canada, the rough roads pound Hugh's rig into submission. And a wrong turn sends Rick on a journey 100 miles down the Winter Roads, driving in reverse!


Fire on Ice

Hugh and Rick are hauling the biggest load ever to travel up the Canadian ice roads! The record breaking journey spans three days and right out of the gate, Rick's amateur antics cause problems for the Convoy, which puts Hugh in the hot seat. Also in Canada, Alex has challenges of his own fighting a massive oil leak over the unforgiving Canadian Ice Road that's as hard on the driver, as it is the truck. A breakdown on this Canadian bush road means a night spent in the truck in -20 below zero temperatures. Back in Alaska, two Dalton newcomers are finally heading up the highway. Maya Seiber spent three years as a trucker in New York, but Alaska's a long way from Manhattan and the Dalton has some surprises in store for this rookie. Meanwhile, Dave Redmon is finally alone in the truck for his haul to Prudhoe, but after his big blowout with Tony, the Carlile bosses are keeping a close eye to see if he has what it takes to join their elite team of truckers.


Under the Hammer

While hauling loads north, the Ice Road Truckers hammer away at the weather, accident, and truck obstacles in their way. As Hugh and Rick deliver the largest load ever trucked on Manitoba's ice roads, their convoy comes to a sudden halt after downing a high-voltage power line. Lisa's dream of becoming a heavy haul push trucker depends on her ability to sync up with a new partner. Meanwhile, hoping for an easy run to pump up his load count, Alex pins up to ten tons of trouble. And haul road rookie Dave takes matters into his own hands to make a renegade roadside repair.


The Braking Point

The Ice Road Truckers face their greatest challenges to date. Lisa takes on the biggest haul of her career, and a huge promotion may be on the line. Maya is still stuck under Phil's wing and she's beginning to wonder if he'll ever let her make a solo run. Dave gets a second chance to prove he deserves to be trucking on the Dalton, while Hugh, Rick and Alex embark on an epic race over one of the longest and most treacherous roads in all of Canada.


A Banged-Up Job

Rick and Hugh continue their marathon run, but the Winter Roads wreak havoc on the trucks leaving Hugh stuck on the side of the road. Alex comes to the rescue when a local family finds themselves stranded in the wilderness. Maya gets behind the wheel to take another shot at driving the entire haul road with Dave right behind her. And Lisa and Tony continue their heavy-haul convoy. But with her heavy-haul career on the line, the massive load proves to be more than Lisa can handle.



As the season reaches the halfway point, drivers are desperate to pull ahead in the dash for the cash. Hugh, Rick, and Alex, struggled to make deliveries to the remote villages of northern Manitoba, but now, the return trip over 880 miles of Canadian wilderness will push them past the breaking point. In Alaska, the biggest storm of the season descends on the Dalton--forcing every driver to face a brutal whiteout or risk falling behind in the load count. Lisa Kelly deals with the fallout of driving her oversize load into the ditch.


Road to Nowhere

In Alaska, the storm of the decade pounds the Dalton, sending the truckers' hauls into chaos. After her demotion from heavy haul status, Lisa is determined to deliver her load through the blizzard. But as a whiteout descends, she's blinded and unable to see oncoming vehicles, sending her into danger. Dave attempts to retrieve the pipe load he was forced to abandoned due to extreme weather. But as conditions worsen, will he go without a paycheck yet again? In Canada, Hugh and Rick head into the most remote terrain of Ontario. Without any road signs to guide them, they wind up lost on the edge of the winter road.


Rookie Rebellion

Harsh winter weather has left Lisa stranded in Prudhoe Bay. Dave is in a convoy with Maya and Tony, he tests their patience before leaving them behind. In Canada, Rick's frustration reaches a boiling point and he snaps, while Hugh rescue's Rick's truck, again.


Hittin' The Skids

Hugh and Rick face an obstacle that has the ice road blocked, until Hugh decides to clear a path, while Alex gets too close for comfort with a parked car. Dave's trouble with his fuel tank is only the beginning once he gets to dispatch, Maya and Tony pick up abandoned loads, and Lisa's monster load limps into town after losing two wheels.


No More Mr. Nice Guy

It's the first warm day of spring and the ice roads are getting dangerously slick. Hugh and Rick hauling tankers with diesel fuel, run into Alex at a fuel stop and decide to convoy north together. When Hugh and Rick see a crashed truck and decide to stop and strap down, Alex blows by and runs solo, much to the ire of Hugh. Later, Alex surprises Hugh with a late Christmas present. Over in Alaska Lisa and Tony haul record wide loads. Maya gets into trouble on Koyukuk's steep grades. 


Ice Rogue Trucker

Dave Redmon is at odds--yet again--with his bosses, this time over making a rookie error, and Maya faces freezing brakeline issues as she dashes down the melting ice roads. At the same time, Hugh Rowland hauls 30 tons of boulders across the brittle and thawing surface of Lake Winnipeg as his partner, Rick Yemm takes the sidelines with truck repairs, and Tony Molesky and Lisa Kelly honor a fellow, fallen trucker by spreading his ashes off of the Dalton.


The Heat Is On

In Alaska, Lisa and Maya help a stranded driver get back on the road. Tony gets a surprise from Carlile while Dave continues his descent into isolation. In Canada, Hugh and Rick keep up their load count with backhauls. Alex has to deal with unstable freight but also scores a backhaul, keeping the race with his rival close.


Judgement Day

With the end of the ice road fast approaching, the Ice Road Truckers are sprinting to the finish. But they've got obstacles. A polar bear standoff at Prudhoe Bay tables the plans for oil production and ties up Carlile's loads at the most crucial time of the season. A veteran trucker's calculated risk puts his life and livelihood in jeopardy. One rookie's sent packing as the other picks up the slack. And the Dalton's favorite daughter gets her groove back.


The Last Dash

The finish line is in sight and the race heats up. In Canada, Hugh and Rick come across an obstacle that could help Alex take the lead over his old rival Hugh. Rookie Maya is dispatched in a convoy with Lisa for her first trip to the isolated village of Nuiqsut. Tony deals with melting ice on the road while Dave boards an airplane destined for Alabama.

Ice Road Truckers Series 4

Breaking Through

The ice road season opens and quickly claims its first victim with a road-closing wreck. Meanwhile, another trucker breaks through the ice enroute to the isolated town of Bettles. Jack returns to defend his title as "King of the Haul Road," but cocky second-year driver Greg is out to take him down and has something to prove. Lisa makes a decision that will haunt her all season. Rookie Ray Veilleux gets a hard introduction to the treacherous Atigun Pass. Alex gets out ahead of Hugh and leads his longtime rival for the first time ever.


The Polar Bear Returns

Failing trailer brakes and trash talk over the CB threaten to derail Lisa's comeback. Newcomer Greg races to reignite his rivalry with Jack, before a devastating wreck slams the brakes on Greg's need for speed. In the meantime, with a damaged fuel tank to deliver, Jack isn't giving up the load-count crown without a fight. Alex tries to build on his lead on Hugh, but treacherous conditions send him to the edge of disaster. Hugh "the Polar Bear" Rowland returns to Alaska at last and has to face down his other haul road nemesis: chaining up. Engine troubles leave rookie driver Ray Veilleux broken down, and all alone, in twenty-below temperatures.


Facing Down the Blow

The brutal Alaskan winter hits Prudhoe Bay with a vengeance, unleashing a ruthless windstorm. It takes nerves of steel to drive in these conditions but Jack, Hugh and Alex hit the haul road ready for battle, with near misses and disastrous engine trouble threatening to take them down. But surviving the blow is just the beginning for Alex, who could lose his license when he has to report for a full medical test after an incident on his last trip. Back in Fairbanks, Ray and Greg make a pact to convoy together through the storm, but Greg's mechanical shut down forces Ray to face the storm alone. It's just the beginning of Ray's worst day ever, which leaves him ready to quit before the season's barely begun. Haunted by her recent mistakes, Lisa plots her comeback, determined to prove she is more than a pretty face.


Monster Storm Over Atigun

A monster phase-three storm is hammering Atigun Pass, and if they want to survive, the truckers will have to think fast. Alex is southbound from Prudhoe when he meets the massive blow, and whiteout conditions erase the road from his view. Forced to run together for safety, Hugh and Jack each hatch a plan to keep the brutal weather from wiping out their paychecks. But bad blood heats up as the veterans launch rival plans to keep the cash flowing. Meanwhile, Ray and Lisa make their own plans to keep the loads moving, but rookie mistakes send both drivers rolling directly into the heart of the storm.


Trapped on Thin Ice

Jack Jesse rushes to save an Alaskan town with an emergency fuel delivery, but a blinding storm stops him cold on the thin ice of the frozen river road to Nuiqsut. Lisa Kelly gets her big chance to step up when she's given her first oversize load, but as she battles the elements and the law, Lisa wonders if her trucking skills are up to the test. Ray takes a night run as a favor for the boss, but he makes a trucker's worst mistake when he reaches for something on the dashboard. The rubber meets the road when Alex's trash talk stirs the sleeping Polar Bear and a hell bent Hugh Rowland races to Coldfoot to even the score.


Danger at 55 Below

The pressure on the drivers builds and hot tempers flare as the temperatures plunge to 55 below. Jack gets into it with a southbound driver who raises hell after a near head-on collision with Jack's oversized load on a curve. And Hugh gets an earful from an American driver who wants Hugh off the Alaskan roads and back in Canada. Meanwhile, Alex takes a big risk by picking up a hitchhiker. Ray takes on the steep and treacherous Atigun Pass, where he's already spun out twice this year. The rookie decides to take a gamble... will it be yet another first year mistake? And Lisa has her hands full just trying to get back on the road after getting caught at the scales.



When an avalanche strikes, Jack is stranded and left helpless as he watches the DOT clean up the carnage. Ray faces the Dalton with a premonition of death hanging over his head. Lisa fights to get back in the race. Hugh risks a head on collision at 4700 feet by driving on the wrong side of the road over Atigun pass.


Lisa's Monster Megahaul

Lisa tackles the most dangerous haul of the season, trucking a multi-million dollar, 100 ton load across the entire state of Alaska. This could be her ticket to the big leagues, or it could be a career killer. Alex races to keep pace in the load count and Greg could be a hero of the road. Ray faces the worst night of his career as he sits trapped in the path of oncoming traffic, but a spin-out at Ice Cut finally sends him over the edge.


Blood on the Dalton

It's chaos on the Dalton when a truck flips off the road and smashes into a tree, leaving two men injured and bleeding while a mysterious third is missing. Alex is thrust into the turmoil and faces tough questions from state police. A careless mistake may rob Lisa of the hard-earned respect she has worked for all season. Greg fights for his job and Ray wakes up to a scary realization. Hugh devises a plan to steal a load from his old pal.


The Ace vs. The Ice

King of the haul road, Jack Jesse, must survive the arctic wilderness and cross a frozen river alone to reach the isolated town of Bettles. After ditching her truck, Lisa Kelly is back in action but the slippery slopes of the Dalton will make her road to redemption a dangerous one. Greg is on a mission to revive his reputation, but to do it he must haul the biggest load of his career. And Alex has a plan to one-up his rival Hugh....but the Polar Bear isn't going down without a fight.


A Rookie's Nightmare

Dalton rookie Ray Veilleux drives into a trucker's worst nightmare when he's distracted for a split-second. With the king of the haul road battle getting fierce, his days as co-leader could be over. Lisa roars up the Dalton with an unwieldy bear cage in tow. And trouble is heating up for the Polar Bear when he ignores his poorly loaded cargo and causes damage to his latest load. 


The Dalton Strikes Back

The Ice road takes no prisoners when the truckers push their limits. Ray spins out into oncoming big rigs. Jack battles a 200 ton monster haul to Prudhoe. Alex risks a bust by the DOT. Lisa races to raise cash to buy back her horse. Greg drives into mega mechanical problems.


Convoy to Hell

The Ice Road Truckers form a convoy for the first time ever to take on a most dangerous mission: as rising temps turn the ice road to Nuiqsut back into a river, they must cross the softening ice to deliver critical supplies while avoiding a watery grave.


A Legend Meets his End

When a Haul Road legend dies, Ray leads the trucker's son to scatter his ashes on Atigun. But the son's blunders on the Dalton could get them killed before they make it. Lisa gets her biggest break yet when she's assigned to push-truck a monster load to Prudhoe. Alex discovers Alaskan gold, but is later busted by the DOT for violations. Jack's hauling a highly explosive fuel load when he comes head-on around a blind corner with a truck parked in the center of the road. Greg faces the challenge of trucking an unstable, 15-foot high mega-reel of pipe.


Deadly Melt

As Alaskan temperatures rise, it's heading into the deadliest and most dangerous time of the year the melt. Last year flowing ice from the Yukon River nearly wiped out an entire village. Now, the DOT are racing to stop an overflow that could take out the Dalton and its truckers with it. As drivers race to rack up loads in the Dash for the Cash, they're forced to team up for safety. Jack and Lisa convoy together and come across an overturned rig. Greg and Ray use the buddy system until Ray hits Greg where it hurts. Hugh Rowland gets busted for speeding.


New King of the Dalton

Season finale. The Ice Road truckers battle to the last load to determine this year's King of the Haul Road. Tensions between co-leaders Ray and Greg explode on Atigun, giving Hugh a chance to take the lead. Lisa's possible best season ever is on the line, while Jack's hope to repeat as King is in jeopardy. Alex pushes to finally beat his nemesis, the Polar Bear.

Ice Road Truckers Series 3

Deadliest Ice Road

Day 1 of the new Ice Road season begins. There are 6,000 loads of freight to move in just 12 weeks to the oil camps of Alaska's North Slope. The 400 plus miles stretch from Fairbanks to the remote outpost of Deadhorse, and is fraught with harrowing danger from steep mountain ice, to frozen tundra and the treacherous ice roads of the Arctic Ocean. From unexpected weather, virtual whiteouts and treacherous terrain, this is by far the most death defying route to date. So few drivers are qualified--or willing--to brave this perilous journey. Dispatchers are forced to look as far as Canada for Ice Road experts. Enter Hugh "The Polar Bear" Rowland and Alex Debogorski, the two titans and archrivals of the Canadian Ice Roads. But can they cut it in Alaska?


Rookie Run

On Alaska's North Slope, a new ice road season has just begun. Carlile Transportation has less than three months to haul 2,000 loads from Fairbanks to Deadhorse--the gateway to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Here, temperatures drop to 70 below, the terrain is some of the most unforgiving in the world, and the race to bring home the big bucks is heating up. Trucker Lisa Kelly faces two hurdles--she's female and she's young, but she'll prove her worth with a run in record time. Jack Jesse must deal with the perils of hauling a load of 130-foot pipe. Rookie Tim Freeman struggles with challenging mechanical problems that make him question his skills and his self-confidence. Back in Fairbanks, Hugh Rowland and Alex Debogorski complete a week-long haul road boot camp to see if they've got what it takes to survive North America's most deadly road.


Canadian Invasion

It's three weeks into the winter season in Northern Alaska, and Carlile Transportation has only moved 500 of the 2,000 loads it needs to transport to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. The clock is ticking and an arctic storm is brewing. Hugh and Alex are joined by safety instructors as they embark on their frisky first trip to Prudhoe Bay. In the dead of night, on a hill so slick they call it "oil spill," Jack Jesse has to make a moral decision between helping a stranded passenger vehicle whose passengers could freeze to death or potentially losing his load in the effort to save them. Lisa Kelly requests her first ever "heavy haul"--a load that's anything oversized or overweight--and when she gets her wish, she may regret it. Tim Freeman makes his second attempt to navigate the ice road, but this time, the rookie runs smack into a horrible storm.


Blinding Whiteout

A massive storm blows in and all traffic on the ice road comes to a standstill. And if wheels aren't turning, no one's earning. George, Tim and Lisa take shelter at Coldfoot, the only truck stop on the road. But this season's heavy haul ace, Jack Jesse, tries to outrun the storm. Hugh and Alex start out on their second runs. While Alex is plagued with mechanical problems, Hugh heads out for the ice road, but his lack of familiarity with Carlile trucks almost causes him to have an accident. When George and Tim reach Atigun Pass, they face deep snow and icy roads more treacherous than ever before. And it's slow going for Lisa because she's hauling her first ever wide-load and must give way to oncoming traffic. When she reaches Atigun Pass, blowing snow reduces visibility to almost zero. But her troubles are far from over. After she crosses the pass, her pilot truck breaks down, and she must continue her journey alone through the brutal Arctic storm.


Accident Alley

Another winter storm drops nearly a foot of fresh, new snow, obscuring the road south. Veteran driver Jack and the less experienced Lisa are determined to not lose any more time or money this season. They set out for Fairbanks before the snowplows even arrive. Further north on the haul road, that same blizzard causes a major collision near the icy hill called "Slope Mountain." Tow truck driver Ben Krsykowski carefully pulls a truck cab and trailer back up on the road--knowing that the slightest spark could set off a massive explosion. Canadian ice road truckers Hugh and Alex try to complete their first solo runs. Hugh is ahead in this race--he reached Deadhorse the day before--while Alex continues to have mechanical problems. After safely reaching Fairbanks, Jack takes off again with a towering pipe rack--a load that barely clears the traffic lights in town. Finally reaching his destination with this precarious freight--he has a close encounter with a 1,100-pound moose.


Arctic Ice

Lisa Kelly auditions to be the first woman to break into the elite Heavy Haul division by commanding a convoy of pilot cars while hauling 80-foot sections of wide-gauge pipe. Having spun out before with a much shorter load, she faces a daunting task involving a 600 mile run through the Brooks Range mountains, over the wind-blasted North Slope, and across the ice road of the Arctic Ocean itself. Hugh "The Polar Bear" Rowland aims for an even bigger title--that of master of all of North American ice roads. But Hugh's archrival Alex Debogorski is matching him shift-for-shift. In an epic five hundred mile race that runs from the truck yards of Fairbanks to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, Hugh and Alex duel for North American bragging rights. Tim Freeman's goal is a more universal one, survival. He wants to finish his rookie season with his truck, and himself, in one piece.


Wicked Weather

The race is on to make it to Prudhoe before a wicked storm turns fierce. After riding out the previous night's storm in Coldfoot, Tim and George decide to push on, despite the dire forecast. Twenty-five miles from Deadhorse, they run straight into the storm and are forced to slam through huge snowdrifts to make it to safety. Lisa also braves the weather so she can see her husband in Prudhoe Bay, but gets stopped at Coldfoot because the road north is closed. Hugh departs Prudhoe heading south with his convoy partner Phil. Despite a cloud of ice fog, they make it through the worst of the storm and celebrate at the top of Atigun Pass by barbequing in the snow and cooking up a feast of caribou. Several hours behind Hugh, veteran driver but newcomer to the roads of Northern Alaska, Alex is also heading south with veteran driver Jack. Jack's displeasure with the "rookie's" mistakes forces Alex to make the trip to Coldfoot alone.


Killer Pass

A deadly combination of unpredictable weather on the North Slope has made Atigun Pass more dangerous than ever. Record snowfall mixed with now warmer temperatures has turned this wicked pass into a devil's slide--slippery than ever and at all time high for avalanche risk. Heavy-hauling ace Jack Jesse is first out of the gate with one of the most critical loads of the season--two 46,000-pound tanks worth $300,000. These loads will be a challenge. Jack calls on friend and fellow heavy-haul expert Carey Hall to help out. But disaster strikes when one of the giant tankers slips off the forklift and slams into the ground. Will their assignment be over before it's even begun? After a chance meeting in Coldfoot, Alex and Hugh compare load counts. Hugh is one load ahead and Alex is eager to catch up to him. He is the first out of the gates for Deadhorse, but unexpectedly runs into trouble on Atigun Pass when another trucker tries to pass him.


Turn & Burn

 With just three weeks to go, everyone is pushing it to the limit to get the freight to Deadhorse before the season ends. Lisa rushes to Carlile to pick up her next load. She's convoying north with Jack Jesse. On the road, he shows her how to avoid spinning out by shifting gears. Hugh and Phil have been doing short turns all week to get storm-delayed freight from Coldfoot to Deadhorse. On today's trip, Hugh discovers that he and Alex are not the only fierce competitors on the ice road. Phil is battling with his nemesis at Carlile, Drew they get into a heated debate on the CB about who has the most trips this month. Since Hugh's logs are same as Phil's, he thinks they will win this one. Tim and George are delayed again in Fairbanks because George's truck is in the shop. But when they finally get on the road, it's Tim's truck that develops a fatal electrical problem. The rookie is severely disappointed and has to turn back again while George carries on north by himself.


Ocean Run

It’s week ten of the Alaskan Ice Road Season….only two weeks left to pull in the big bucks and get all the loads to the oil fields. As Hugh Rowland heads north from Coldfoot, convoying with his trainer driver Phil Kromm, Hugh gets frustrates with the slow pace. Phil lets him take the lead over the daunting Atigun Pass, but Hugh’s aggressive driving style nearly causes him to spin out on one of the steep slope, a place where the slightest misstep can send a truck over the cliff.


Busted Parts & Breakdowns

With only two weeks left of the winter season, the race is on to deliver the remaining 350 loads before the ice roads melt away. But this late in the season, truckers are besieged by mechanical breakdowns and a volcanic eruption in Southern Alaska has put unexpected pressure on this remote road. Thick clouds of ash have grounded all air traffic, making the Dalton the only lifeline to the North Slope.


Race to the Finish

As the Alaskan ice road season comes to a close, truckers have only a few runs left. Both the truckers and their rigs are running ragged as they race to pull in the last loads. Lisa Kelly can’t get out of the Carlile yard in Fairbanks, the trailer they’ve assigned her has a massive air leak. To stay in the running in the Dash for the Cash—she accepts a new load: a van full of high explosives. She’s never hauled such volatile load before. When she gets on the Dalton, she once again has trouble getting up the slope at 2 ½ mile. And later over Atigun pass, she battles deep snow drifts on her way over the summit.


Arctic Thaw

As the final 72 hours of the Ice Road season ticks away, legendary driver George Spears calls it a career, Lisa Kelly makes a harrowing 300-mile run with no brakes, the rivalry between Alex Debogorski and Hugh "The Polar Bear" Rowland comes down to the final load, and polar bears - real ones - shut down the Ice Road in front of Jack Jessee. After her trailer brakes fail on the North Slope, Lisa faces the entire run back to Fairbanks, over some of the steepest grades in North America  with marginal stopping power. Some Haul Road veterans can make the run without touching the brake pedals at all but can this second-year upstart pull it off?

Ice Road Truckers Series 2

Edge of the Earth

It is a job only a few would dare. This year, four ice road truckers, Hugh, Alex, Rick and Drew, return from last season to join Arctic veterans as they venture 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle to drive the most isolated and dangerous ice roads in North America. In the first episode, Hugh and Drew are introduced to their new boss, while Alex waits on his first load of the season. Rick runs into problems on his way up north, delaying his first ride on the ice. Throughout the season, they will be gunning their rigs, carrying up to 88,000 pounds over a highway made entirely of ice onto the Arctic Ocean, delivering vital materials to natural gas and mineral exploration sites.


Mechanical Mayhem

After just two days in the Arctic, the critical demands of the oil exploration sites are testing the limits of the truckers and their machines. Both the veterans and rookies are delayed in the shop by mechanical failures, which threaten to halt operations at the Mallik Research site and the Wurmlinger barge. In a last ditch attempt to meet their deadlines, Hugh must resuscitate a truck that has been dormant in the Arctic cold for 4 years. Rick has a mishap that causes irreparable damage to his truck, while Alex witnesses the aftermath of an ice road accident. And Drew, who quit his job before even seeing the Ice Road, looks for a new employer and settles for what might be the least demanding truck-related job in town.


The Big Blizzard

Just five days into the Arctic adventure, Mother Nature is about to strike and wreak havoc on the ice roads. Making matters worse is a report of a trucker who has run off the road and is stranded on the weakest part. The storm will make the ice roads impassable and dangerous. Since safety of the drivers is of the utmost concern, the roads must be shutdown. The closure will cost the trucking companies and the gas exploration sites valuable money and time. Kurt, the no-nonsense boss of Northwind Industries, is testing Hugh's mettle. He's given Hugh the assignment of schooling young gun John on how to operate a vac-truck. Drew finally drives on the ice roads, but halfway through the haul, he gets sick and has to ride shotgun the rest of the day. Rick continues to wait for his truck to be fixed. He's had two accidents in four days and is not making any money.


Arctic Whiteout

It's week two on the frozen tundra and the name of the game is Rig Move. MGM is breaking down camp and moving every last piece of equipment to a new base at Langley to continue exploring for natural gas. While Alex and Hugh continue to prove themselves, Rick's only drive is into the repair shop where he spends two days doing nothing but sitting around. Fellow southerner Drew finally takes his first big rig solo on the northern ice--to deliver junk food. Northern veteran Eric picks up a survival shack from the new site at Langley to return to Inuvik. His load is too high to fit under the power lines in Inuvik, so he spends the night on the ice with his load just outside of town. Just as the trucks are ready to roll for the big move, another storm strikes. Jerry is concerned about dangerous whiteout conditions. With lives and money on the line, the risk is too great and the move is called off.


Lost on the Ice

After the storm clears, most of the truckers are ready to roll--all except Rick, who is on the verge of quitting and looks to Hugh for advice. For a second time, Jerry attempts the MGM camp move, including the transport of an expensive 50-ton derrick. He's assigned two of his best truckers to the task, which includes a risky practice called "Two Trucking," where the cargo is simultaneously loaded onto two trucks--one to provide the main power, and the other to keep the derrick from fishtailing around curves in the road. This awkward and massive load could tax the ice to its breaking point. At the same time, Alex embarks on a run to Aput, an unfamiliar location. When he misses his turn off, he is lost, confused, and out of communication in a place where one wrong turn can find him on fragile ice.


Hundred Ton Haul

The truckers have delivered the fragile 135-foot derrick to the new MGM exploration site, but before it can be erected, they must also transport the 80-ton substructure that will form its base. At 160,000 pounds, the base must be broken into separate loads, the combined weight of which makes them the heaviest--and most dangerous--loads the ice will face all season. Veteran trucker Bear Swenson and Arctic Ice Road rookie Alex Debogorski are entrusted with the challenge. This is the heaviest load of Alex's ice road career. Compounded by on-going and increasing health problems, the pressure on this trucker is rising fast.


Man Down

Bear and Eric must haul a boiler and a flare stack--two critical pieces of equipment--to Langley at the same time that a polar bear is spotted in the area. In this region of the Arctic, polar bears have been known to kill humans, so the truckers must now be on guard against this new danger. Rick is irate about a 5-day-long trip that his bosses assign him, and his frustration mounts along with his threats to quit. Alex's health continues to deteriorate and he must be med-evaced to the Yellowknife hospital, his fate unknown.


A Trucker's Farewell

After being Med-Evaced to Yellowknife hospital, Alex receives a grim diagnosis that could mean the end of his Ice Road season. Rick is also complaining of health issues, and again threatens to quit if his boss won't let him take time off to see a doctor. With nearly all of the rookies out for the count, the Arctic veterans take on the challenge of hauling the final loads of the rig move. Bear must load up the P-Tank, a critical part used to measure the amount of waste gas emitted by a drilling rig. And Eric sets off on a slow journey to transport a mud pump from Aput to Langley. Weighing in at 100,000 lbs., the massive size of this complicated piece of machinery requires a speed limit of just 16 mph--any faster and Eric would risk damaging the already taxed ice road.


A Rookie Fumbles

It's a race against time to dismantle the Mallik Research site before the ice road melts, but while scientists are on the verge of an historic breakthrough, the truckers are starting to haul away equipment piece-by-piece. Hugh is given the challenging task of training a new driver, Isaac, whose driving test is just days away. The first lesson gets off to a rocky start, which is a bad omen for Isaac's chances of making it as a trucker. One of the trucks in Rick's convoy has mechanical trouble, forcing the driver to decide whether to abandon his rig or continue on, risking hypothermia and even death. Drew embarks on a box-truck run, which is not as prestigious as driving the big rigs, but will deliver a crucial corrosion inhibitor to the people of Aklavik, a tiny community on the Mackenzie River.


Highway Maggots

With the sun beating down on the ice, the road is melting at an accelerating rate. This means that it's all hands on deck for the demobilization of the drilling sites at Langley and Mallik, which must be broken down and hauled away before they're swallowed up by Arctic waters. Northwind owner Kurt leaves his office behind and jumps into a truck to contribute to the effort. Kurt meets a convoy of "highway maggots" on the way and has nothing but choice words for this group of "scab" drivers from the south. Trucker Jim volunteers for a dangerous mission; he'll haul three sled trailers at once, carrying two diesel tanks and drilling supplies in one mega-load. With the close of the season in sight, Eric and Hugh continue to vie for the title "King of the Ice Road." Eric holds the lead for the moment, but Hugh is making a final push that might put him out in front.


Man Vs. Ice

Rising temperatures are melting away the ice road, making it a dash to the finish line for the crew breaking down the Langely site. Every last piece of equipment must be transported down the ice to Inuvik before the Arctic waters reclaim the road. Hugh is hauling an unsteady load of heavy gauge cable, making his rig so back-heavy that he struggles to get traction on the slippery surface. One wrong move could spell disaster for Hugh, but also for rookie Devon, who makes his debut run at a time when the road is at its most fragile. And as the action escalates on the road, Rick finds himself in familiar territory--Gruben's garage. He has loads to pick up, but yet again this season, they'll have to wait until his truck is repaired.


The Big Thaw

Warming temperatures are causing overflows all over the ice road, and with water rushing through cracks in the ice, hauling loads just got a lot more dangerous. Jody and Brett take on the challenge of removing the 66-ton derrick from the Langley site. The massive rig will have to be "two-trucked;" one truck will make the entire journey traveling backwards. Although maintenance crews create a detour around the overflow, Jody and Brett still need the help of a pilot car to navigate their double load along its winding turns. Hugh is hauling one of the only standard-sized loads of the day, so while everyone else is stuck driving at 15 mph, the Polar Bear is running full steam ahead. Unencumbered by speed restrictions, Hugh is trying to use his last few days in the Arctic to secure his reputation as the only Southern driver who has what it takes to make it in the North.


The World Crumbles

Hugh and Eric are neck-in-neck in their race to claim dominance over the ice road, but with only days before the end of the season, time is running out and the ocean waters are closing in. As the truckers race to remove every last piece of equipment from the Langley site, an Arctic whiteout threatens to halt operations, and may mean the difference between winning and losing in the load count. This handful of die-hard truckers pushes for every last load, but as the world around them crumbles, someone will be kicked off the ice.


Road to Season 2: Season 1 Recap/ Season 2 Preview

On one of the coldest frontiers on the planet, the Ice Road Truckers brave treacherous terrain to deliver crucial supplies to northern diamond mines. Take a look back at the highs and lows of the first season, as Hugh, Alex, Drew, Jay, Rick and T.J. seek their fortune driving big rigs over thin ice. Get a sneak peek of season two, where the truckers return to the road, but this time it's over the Arctic Ocean and it's leading them to the edge of the Earth.


Road to the Finale: Season 2 Recap Special

A one-hour special recap of the new season for the ice road truckers, the drivers of the tundra who carry vital equipment to remote outposts located hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle during two months of every year before the road disappears. It is a race against the elements, against time, and against each other.


Off The Ice: Season 2 Follow Up

The truckers look back at their experiences during the last ice road season and explain what they do now that they're off the ice.

Ice Road Truckers Series 1

Ready to Roll

Hugh Rowland, a 20-year veteran of the ice roads, sets out from Kelowna, B.C. with his fleet of four trucks. His drivers include, Rick Yemm, a second year man on the ice and everyone’s comic relief. Drew Sherwood and Todd White are both rookies and it’s not clear whether they have what it takes to succeed in this world of ultimate trucking. But they’re driving 1,400 miles north to find out. In Yellowknife, another rookie TJ Tilcox is undergoing a sobering safety course. He learns about the dangers of ice, the life-threatening cold and the high price of speeding. When the temperature is cold enough and the ice is thick enough, the big rigs get ready to roll.

Alex Debogorski, a Yellowknife local, 26-year veteran of the ice, and father of eleven is the first on the ice. We ride shotgun with him as the frozen road cracks and pops beneath the weight of his truck and we’re with him when ultimately his brakes fail leaving him stranded on the ice. Jay Westgard embarks at midnight with a 17-ton water tank. It’s a difficult load for any driver on any surface, but Jay, a 7-year veteran of the ice roads at just 25-years old, is up for the challenge. Finally, TJ experiences the extreme dangers of this job on his trip up the ice. He drives straight into a whiteout.


Destination Diamond Mine

Jay Westgard hauls a 17-ton water tank over 31 inches of ice to the De Beers Diamond mine. It’s the heaviest load to go up the frozen highway this season and it stresses both the driver and the ice. Jay is extremely cautious not to drive too fast or else the weight of this load will create a wave under the ice that could break through and damage the road. Once he arrives, we’re given an extremely rare glimpse of this remote diamond operation in the tundra. The rivalry heats up between ice road veteran Hugh Rowland and his employee Rick Yemm as they compete for the highest load count.

Hugh’s truck breaks down and when it goes into the shop for a transmission repair, Rick pounces on the opportunity to take the lead. Arctic Divers train for a season of cold water emergencies. When things go wrong on the ice road, these are the men who get the call. The divers help recover trucks, cargo, and in the worst case scenario…bodies. And the season’s first spin out on the most notorious stretch of road, “Charlie’s Hill”, causes a major traffic jam on the ice. As the driver tries to gain traction, he only digs himself in deeper. Trucks back up on the frozen lakes, the last place you want to idle when vibrations can stress the ice to its breaking point.


Dash for the Cash

It’s the second week of the ice road season and the brutal temperatures of –40 degrees are already taking their toll on the truckers. Alex Debogorski hauls a 44,000 pound diamond ore crusher across 350-miles of ice to the BHP mine. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment worth more than half a million dollars. While on the road, Alex encounters a thick patch of ice fog. It’s threatening enough that he turns to prayer to make it through. What Alex doesn’t know is that ice fog is only the beginning, up ahead, a severe arctic storm causes white out conditions and forces a road closure.

Rookie TJ Tilcox is caught in his second storm of the season. On the ice road there are no street lights or highway signs, at times he’s literally driving blind, unsure of which way the road turns. Rick Yemm’s lead on his boss Hugh is threatened when he discovers mechanical problems with his suspension system. His truck goes into the shop at a loss of $1000 day, while Hugh, the polar bear, closes in. When they get back on the road after the storm, Hugh is back in the lead and he’s not letting Rick get ahead again even if he has to joke around with firearms to keep him at bay. Rookie Drew Sherwood, who hit a ditch on his first trip, has yet another stroke of bad luck. He loses his battery box on the road and is back in the shop with no power. Until his truck gets repaired, he’s off the road and not making a dime.


The Big Chill

It’s the 18th day of the ice road season and truckers have delivered more than 3000 loads to the diamond mines, but they still have 7000 more to go. The temperatures are dropping, the loads are getting heavier and the ice is just three feet thick. A 50-ton fuel tanker flips over at the beginning of the ice road. Emergency crews race to prevent an environmental disaster and remove the truck from the middle of the road before it blocks traffic and threatens the success of the entire season. Jay Westgard, a 25-year old ice road veteran, hauls three giant water purifiers to the De Beers Diamond mine. It’s a challenging 30-ton load that tests and stresses the ice for the entire journey. And, as if that’s not enough to worry about, Jay has a 15-month old daughter at home who is sick with pneumonia. The ice road doesn’t stop for family and we quickly learn that making the most of “the dash for the cash” means making major sacrifices.

The wear and tear of the frontier road is not only taking its toll on man, but it’s also ravaging machines. Rookie Drew Sherwood finds himself back in Lee Parkinson’s garage after a rough trip to the Diavik mine tore his battery box from the underbelly of his truck. Every day an ice road trucker is down he’s losing thousands of dollars and the clock is now ticking for Drew. Another rookie TJ Tilcox is also struggling. He battles subzero temperatures in a truck that’s weatherproofed with duct tape. When it’s time to hit the sack, he discovers a thick coat of ice has formed around the edges of his bunk. In the dead of winter, near the Arctic Circle, there’s no escaping the brutal cold.


Midseason Mayhem

It’s half way through the grueling ice road season. Six hundred truckers have ferried more than 4,000 loads to the northern mines. They still have 6,000 left to go, but everyday roadblocks threaten their progress. Blowouts are appearing in the ice as a result of reckless speeding. Going a few miles over the speed limit is one thing on a regular road, but on ice it’s a different story. Speeding creates a wave beneath the truck that can crash through to the surface. Secure Check, the police of the ice road, are on patrol. Todd White, one of Hugh Rowland’s drivers, is busted for speeding. Road officials offer no second chances and he is kicked off the road. Hugh Rowland is loosing money not just because of Todd’s expulsion, but both Drew Sherwood and Rick Yemm’s trucks are in the shop. While Hugh continues to run ragged on the road, his employees wait out their repairs in Yellowknife’s local watering hole, The Monkey Tree.

Other trucks come to a standstill when a fuel tanker overturns on the Ingraham Trail. The wreck not only blocks traffic to and from the ice road, but it’s a potential environmental disaster. Rescue crews race to prevent a diesel spill from contaminating the Yellowknife River, the only water supply for this entire outpost. And, Rookie TJ Tilcox gets the break of a lifetime. Stepping up from his old truck with a poor heater to a brand new one. But on his maiden voyage his brakes fail and he slams into a passenger vehicle. An investigation is underway. If officials determine the accident is the result of driver negligence, TJ could be kicked off the road.


Driving on Thin Ice

The truckers have battled nearly a month of twenty-four hour operations in temperatures of forty degrees below zero. They’ve hauled more than 100,000 tons of supplies to isolated mining camps in the tundra. But accidents and strict safety regulations have sent many drivers packing. The ice road is testing the limits of man and machine and one trucker is about to fall through the ice. Jay Westgard embarks on a trip to the De Beers mine with the heaviest and most valuable piece of equipment this season. He’s hauling a 95,000-pound diamond ore scrubber. Without this key piece of equipment, the De Beers mine can’t go into production in the fall. But Jay has to haul it across two hundred and ten miles of lake ice to get there and as soon as he pulls out of the yard, it’s clear this haul will be a challenge. It’s top heavy and rocks the trailer around every corner. For the next twelve hours, this load continues to put this young veteran to the test.

Rookie T.J. Tilcox is also getting tested by the ice road. In the last episode, he began driving a new truck. But on his maiden voyage, he crashed into a passenger vehicle. Now, he’s in the hot seat while a safety inspector investigates the cause of the accident. If T.J. is found guilty of driver negligence, he could be kicked off the road. Rick Yemm continues to make the long hauls with no heat in his truck. He has taken time off only to fix what he needs to keep his truck running. But down time means losing money and he wants to catch up to his boss Hugh. He decides to brave the cold, only to put himself in jeopardy of frostbite. Hugh is putting the petal to the metal and it seems nothing will slow him down until he comes upon an ice road trucker’s worst nightmare. In front of him, a truck goes through the ice. Emergency crews spring into action, and the road is shut down until the fuel tanker can be safely pulled from the clutches of the ice. Luckily, this driver is spared, but if the ice continues to break down, the end to this ice road season could be right around the corner.


Rookie Challenge

It’s just over a month into the new ice road season. More than 800 truckers are on the ice, working around the clock in the brutal cold. There are still 4,000 loads that need to make it to the mines this season, but with spring just around the corner, every load could be their last. Alex Debogorski sets out on a daring new adventure, one that will take him across a brand new, 138-mile, ice road to the Colomac Gold mine. Though they no longer mine gold in Yellowknife, the government has just completed an environmental clean up and truckers like Alex have be contracted to move out the remaining supplies. The main ice road is a major highway compared to this small, isolated back road. With no security patrols and fewer ice profiling crews, truckers drive this route at their own risk. Hugh Rowland races to pick up his 17th load. But first he needs an oil and tire change. Routine truck maintenance is not easy squeeze into an ice road trucker’s tight schedule. The only time these trucks go down is to change the oil, but it’s go to be fast. Hugh arrives at dispatch with just moments to spare.

Hugh keeps trucking, but one of his drivers, rookie Drew Sherwood, seems to be perpetually stuck. Drew runs out of gas on the side of the road in Yellowknife and his truck freezes up. This is just the latest in a long string of mechanical failures. Drew drove into a ditch on his first run, lost a battery box, and then suffered a broken computer board. His patience for life on the ice road is wearing thin. Drew calls his wife back home for a pep talk. Her encouragement helps him stick it out for a few more days. But ultimately, Drew’s luck doesn’t change and he’s forced to make the difficult decision of ending his career as an ice road trucker. Rookie TJ Tilcox also suffers a debilitating blow. While driving on the ice, he’s overcome with abdominal pain from an earlier injury strapping down a load. The pain becomes so excruciating that he starts lapsing in and out of consciousness. Secure check rescues him from his truck and medivacs him back to Yellowknife. TJ is treated at the local hospital for dehydration and inflammation. TJ survives, but the hospital trip is a major financial setback for him, costing him close to $12,000. Despite his pain, he’s anxious to get back on the ice, and to make some money in the “dash for the cash”.


Into the Whiteout

It’s day 37 of the ice road season. More than 7,000 loads have made it to the mines. Drivers are washing out. The road is beaten up. And there are still almost 3,000 more loads to go. Rick Fitch, the winter road manager for Tli Cho Landtran, has a backlog of critical supplies that need to make it to the mines as soon as possible and an arctic storm is brewing to the west. One severe storm can shut down the ice road and put everyone behind schedule. So, with time running out, Rick organizes a special convoy of five trucks to get the loads out fast.

Rick Yemm, Jay Westgard, Alex Debogorski and TJ Tilcox are all driving in the special convoy. Rick suffers another round of mechanical problems before he even get to the ice. TJ gets separated from the convoy just as the brutal storm hits the ice road. The rest of the convoy makes it to the Diavik mine just before high winds and blowing snow cause Secure Check to shut down the road. They crew is stranded at Diavik for 16 hours with no word from TJ. Meanwhile, Hugh Rowland struggles with having lost two of his drivers this season. He hires a new recruit to take over driving Drew Sherwood’s old truck. But from the start it doesn’t appear his mechanical luck will be any better than Drew’s. The truck overheats just a few miles out on the Ingraham Trail.


The Big Melt

It’s day 53 of the ice road season. Only the toughest truckers remain on a road that’s sent many people packing. These final days will push those who are still behind the wheel to the limit. As they race for the last of the cash, they’ll have to cross untested roads, haul record breaking weights and face new challenges in order to meet their elevated goal of 10,000 loads before the big melt of spring puts an end to it all. Alex Debogorski is part of a last great push to get some critical loads up the ice before it’s too late. He departs with a 17-truck convoy carrying a 15-ton housing unit bound for the remote Tundra gold mine. In his convoy, is the heaviest load ever to cross the ice, a 100-ton electrical unit for the Diavik mine. If this load damages the ice, it could be the last run of the season.

Jay Westgard is on a unique adventure of his own. He heads out on a one-time mission to haul $350,000 of jet fuel to the remote village of Deline. This is a new challenge for the young maverick who has never conquered this narrow, outback trail that ends with a crossing of Canada’s largest lake, Big Bear Lake. The road is steep and rough with no help for miles. If you break down or go off the road here, you’re on your own. Rick Yemm has hit his limit with driving a truck in forty below with no heat. He has one final conversation with his boss Hugh who refuses to fix it for him, but it doesn’t go well. Rick makes the tough decision to call it quits on this ice road season. He had hoped to beat his boss and set records in the dash for the cash, but instead he leaves defeated, upset and possibly suffering from frostbite. It’s a sad reminder that this road can eat up even the most ambitious trucker. The most unlikely survivor is rookie T.J. Tilcox. He’s suffered some of the worst blows of the season---a whiteout, a crash and a medivac trip---but somehow he keeps on trucking. This season is not yet over, he’s already feeling like a seasoned veteran as he heads out on his 18th load across melting ice and a road that will soon disappear.


The Final Run

On the series finale of Ice Road Truckers, spring brings a rush of warm weather and the big melt begins. The road is nearly empty as only the toughest or craziest truckers remain. There’s a race to the finish between: Alex, Hugh, Jay and T.J. Alex and Hugh are neck and neck fighting for the top load count, but the road is down to its final days and every trip could be their last. Hugh Rowland is ahead of the game, but then he suddenly gets side swiped on the road by a speeding truck. His load of ammonium nitrate brakes apart and spills onto the road. The substance acts like salt and starts to melt the ice. Projects manager, Rick Fitch, races to the scene. He manages to help Hugh clean up the spill and avoid an environmental disaster, but Hugh’s setback could be spell an early end for his season.

Alex Debogorski pushes the limits to get one more load. Traveling with a “hot shot” or single axle trailer, he’s allowed to go it alone and travel across the beaten ice without the safety of a convoy. It’s a daring 275-mile trip to the Diavik Mine, but will this trip be enough to put him over the edge in “the dash for the cash”? Rookie TJ Tilcox has survived just about every danger the ice road can throw at a trucker. He’s been through whites outs, an accident, and a trip on a medivac plane, but he’s still trucking---one of the last on the ice. And just when you think his final trip should be a victory run, it’s another white-knuckle challenge to cross a slushy, thinning road. Heavy haul specialist, Jay Westgard, will not rest without one final challenge himself. After a 200-mile trip up the ice, he has to haul a 40-ton rock truck up a nearly vertical incline into the entrance of a small, remote gold mine. As the clock ticks away on the ice, this handful of die-hard truckers pushes for every last load, hauling in the big bucks and paving the way for the most successful ice road season in history.


SPECIAL - Then & Now

Since the premiere of this series, we have received many questions from our audience by way of our website and via viewer relations about the show. Specifically, people have wondered how trucks were specifically fitted for sub zero temperatures in the 1930's, and how the mines operated in the 1940's as opposed to the way they operate now. This one hour program will answer those questions, and examine in depth the changes that have taken place in Yellowknife and the ice roads of the region over the past 75 years. From its geological history going back millions of years, to the origins of the indigenous Eskimos that have inhabited the land for hundreds of years, this program will respond to the surprising questions that have intrigued our audience since the series began.


SPECIAL - Off the Ice

The six truckers gather at a remote truck stop in the Middle of Nowhere, Canada to hash out their differences and provide answers to some of the season’s unanswered questions. Hugh, Alex, Rick, TJ, Jay and Drew, along with host, Steve Watson, start the hour by talking about their goals and competetive strategies in the dash for the cash. As it turns out, more loads don’t always equal more cash. Before the truckers even hit the ice though, they must journey through the Ingraham Trail. They guys explain why this stretch of road is so treacherous and why the sound of ice cracking and shifting under the weight of the truck is both welcome and terrifying. The men who drive the winter roads must learn to decipher the different sounds and behaviours of the ice, to avoid breaking through and plunging into the freezing water below, every trucker’s worst nightmare. Hugh maintains, if you follow the rules of the road, you’ll keep out of danger.

After a brief chat about the history of the winter roads, the truckers are joined by Gavin Brennan, one of the camera men who documented their lives for two months. Gavin talks about some of the difficulties of shooting in forty below as well as the difficulties of being in such close quarters with moody truckers for hours on end. Steve prompts the guys to tackle the elephant in the room: Drew’s problems with Hugh. Did Drew quit or was he fired? Would Hugh ever hire him to drive the ice roads again? After this tension is out of the way, Steve points out that Hugh had his own setbacks this season, and the truckers discuss the accident that resulted a small but serious ammonium nitrate spill. TJ certainly came a long way in his rookie season. He talks about his first frightening night on the road in a whiteout and the rest of the guys give him props for sticking it out. After all, they each had a rookie year and they’re not too macho to talk about it.


SPECIAL - On The Edge

Alex, Hugh, Drew, Rick, TJ and Jay gather around the table again to go another round off the ice. These guys travel at 15 miles an hour for days on end. They talk about how they stay awake and how they spice it up. Which prompts the question; why not just fly the stuff in? Because these hauls are huge. The bigger the better is Jay’s opinion. Hugh and Rick confront the issue that everybody wants to know about, the disagreement over the heat in Rick’s truck. Ultimately, Hugh and Rick won’t let a little heat destroy their twelve year friendship, even in forty below temperatures. Speaking of the cold, how do they prepare to work in such extreme temperatures? The guys explain how they winterize their trucks and how they can bear the freezing air and biting wind. Karen MacDougall drops by for a visit to talk aout being a woman on the ice road. She can do everything that the men can do, she assures them. Surprisingly, both Hugh and Alex think that women work better, harder and safer than men, and each says they would hire a woman.

Diamond mines are something of a mystery. Even Jay, who has worked in the mines for years operating a huge mining shovel, says he has never actually seen a diamond there. It just looks like rock and dirt. And security is so high, that the men are chaperoned everywhere the go on the mine property. The art of driving on the ice is completely different to driving on the Highway. TJ and Drew speak about some of the differences in driving techniques and they impart a few tips and tricks. The ice roads make their way through a landscape of unspoiled wilderness. Even these tough guys are astounded by its unrivaled beauty. Alex is a resident of Yellowknife and loves the life that prospecting and truck driving afford him. He has some political aspirations too. The big guy is much more than a dumb driver. Finally, the men talk about the real reason that they bust their asses on the ice road, their families. Each of them talk about the ones they love, and Jay reveals that his workaholic tendencies have put a big strain on his relationship with his fiance. Everyone at the table agrees that you have to know where to draw the line between work and family.