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this day in history 1892

Newcastle United Forms

"The Newcastle public do not deserve to be catered for as far as professional football is concerned". Ouch! Not the most optimistic words to hear about your brand new football club, but this was the view in Newcastle soon after the creation of Newcastle United. The origins of footie in that part of the world tends to involve every other sport except actual soccer. The first recorded match was held at Elswick Rugby Club in 1877. Then the curiously named Stanley Cricket Club of Byker was formed in November 1881. Possibly because they had the word ‘cricket’ in their name, they soon changed it to Newcastle East End F.C.

Across the city Newcastle West End F.C. had started to play at St James’ Park. At first the two teams were rivals, but eventually they decided to merge and the name Newcastle United was decided upon on this day in 1892. After a rather slow start, and low turnouts, they finally reached the first division and The Magpies went on to dominate football at the turn of the century.

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