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this day in history 1998

Michael Owen Wins Personality of the Year

“There’s only one Michael Owen” as some football fans probably sang at some point, as they tend to do. Though, if you Googled the name or looked in a nearby telephone directory they would found that there are quite a few Michael Owens - many of them plumbers. But the Michael we’re dealing with is the Liverpool legend turned polarising pundit who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award on this day in 1998. That same year he also won the Premiere League Golden Boot and became England's youngest ever player at a World Cup.

Since hanging up his boots, Michael has moved into the electronically warmed pundits chair, commentating on matches for BT Sport and owning many, many racehorses. Though some cruel persons have questioned his commentating ability. How can they! Especially when he comes up with such gems as "I love these players with two feet” or "It’s hit the facial part of his head” or “You need people who score goals. That’s how you win games”. Back of the net!

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