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this day in history 1948

First Big Bang Theory Published

Talking Hawking

Certainly the exact circumstances of how the universe was created has confounded scientists and people competing in the Mr. Universe pageant for eons. But even more compelling is trying to ascertain on which particular day this momentous event occurred. Experts are now pretty sure it was on a Thursday, so those concerned could knock off early on Friday and have a long weekend. So we may not know exactly when it all kicked off, but we do know when the notion of some sort of Big Bang type thing that made everything happen was floated. It was on this day in 1948 in the pages of Physical Review, which had been disappointing desperate randy teenagers for decades. An article in the journal theorised upon ‘The Origin of Chemical Elements’ which pondered a bang of a certain size, but failed to actually use the term ‘big bang’ and so missed out on all those sweet, sweet Big Bang Theory royalties. Fools.

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