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this day in history 1886

Blackburn Rovers win 3rd FA Cup in a row

So His Family Used To Sow Butts?

Once upon a time, professional football wasn’t about money, haircuts and dating various members of the Pussycat Dolls, but instead concerned baggy men in even baggier shorts with more facial hair then sense. But on this day in 1886, a soccer record was established that has never been excelled. B

Blackburn Rovers won the FA Cup for the third time on the trot and no-one, not even Plymouth Argyle or Walsall, has managed it since.After a thrilling scoreless draw at the Kennington Oval, a replay took place at Derby’s Racehorse Ground, the first time the final had ventured outside London. James Brown (not that one) and the marvellously named Joe Sowerbutts each scored against West Bromwich Albion and confirmed Rovers’ place in the record books, almost certainly enjoying a celebratory pipe and pint. Blackburn had to wait a frustrating three years before they’d get the cup in their Victorian mitts once more.

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