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this day in history 1802

Wordsworth pens 'I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud'

He Wasn’t Even Welsh.

Yes, we all appreciate that William Wordsworth wrote that nice poem about pretty daffodils.

But the question that has plagued me since childhood and haunted my sleepless, sweat-filled nights for decades is ‘but on what actual day did he see those daffodils?’

I had to wait for the internet to be invented and then for someone to upload it to the internet to finally discover: it was today. On April 15th, 1802, William ‘Billy’ Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy ‘Dot’ Wordsworth were having a stroll in the Lake District, as poets tend to do, when they came across a belt of the popular yellow flower.

Inspired, William knocked off his famous verse ‘I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud’ which became his most famous work, though, as Dorothy’s journal proves, he was far from alone. She was there as well. So, not only was a poet, he was also a liar. Unbelievable.

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