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this day in history 1994

Michael Jackson marries Lisa Marie Presley

They Said It Wouldn’t Last!

And It Didn’t! It was one of the matrimonial events of the century when, on this day in 1994, Michael Jackson wed Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley. Not that anyone knew at the time. The marriage, which took place in a secluded part of the Dominican Republic, was kept a secret from the media for 11 weeks. When the truth was revealed, the press and the public went bonkers. There was huge speculation about Jackson and his romantic inclinations, while barely anything was known about The King’s offspring.

By all accounts, the marriage was a disaster. Presley soon realised that her new husband was emotionally immature and remarkably eccentric. She didn’t appreciate some of his proposed ideas, such as conducting a seance to contact Elvis and see if he approved of the union. After a series of PR disasters, the couple announced divorce proceedings in 1996 citing "irreconcilable differences”. Presley went on to marry actor Nicolas Cage. Again it didn’t end well. The divorce proceedings lasted longer than the 108 day marriage.

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