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this day in history 2003

Barry Manilow breaks his nose

For once, Barry Manilow failed to follow his own advice and certainly didn’t ‘see it from my angle’. Because it was on this day in 2003 that the crooning maestro managed to walk into a wall, knock himself unconscious and break his own nose. And really, it could have happened to anyone. Who hasn’t woken up in the night in their Palm Springs home, thought they were in their Malibu residence, leapt from bed and veered left rather than right straight into a wall?

Due to an architectural mishap, Barry had extra walls built in his Palm Springs abode and it might have been one of these that met his hooter. Despite being floored for over four hours and damaging his extensive nasal area, Barry didn’t suffer any permanent damage from his inadvertent nocturnal attempts at amateur parkour. But it did inspire the track ‘Walking Into Walls and Banging Your Nose Quite Badly (Baby)’ from his album ‘Nocturnal Stirrings’. No it didn’t. I made that up.

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