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this day in history 2012

Fiji stop recognising the Queen's official birthday

Well, that’s not very nice. I mean I know the Queen has a lot of birthdays. I mean A LOT. As well as two she has in the UK (actual and official) various commonwealth and former commonwealth nations celebrate her arrival on this planet on various random days of the year. In Australia its on the second Monday in June. Oh, except in Western Australia where its the first Monday in June. In Canada its the Monday before the 25th of May. While Tuvalu fancies the second Saturday of June for a right royal rave up.

Perhaps all this confusion and calendar circling was the reason that the Fijians, on this day in 2012, dropped this whole ‘official birthday of the Queen’ business ALTOGETHER. That’s right, I didn’t want to be the one to tell you, but Fiji no longer recognises the Queen’s birthday. No cards, no cake, no bumps. We think that is a very sorry state of affairs.

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