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this day in history 2016

National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Dogs Business

You know what your workplace needs a lot more of? Barking. Oh and unfettered excrement. Which is lucky as today is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day! Yes, if you happen to possess a canine companion, then you are encouraged to bring him or her along to the office and have them hang out. Though I would suggest clearing this with your line manager first. Don’t just turn up with your beloved Neapolitan Mastiff and expect HR to be hunky dory with it.

All of this workplace based dog love is designed to raise awareness (and cash) for pooch welfare charities. And also to show off your delightful hound and hopefully win you a few friends back after that incident at the Christmas party. Reports by scientists with a lot of time on their hands has shown that dogs in the workplace increases productivity. Especially if they are snarling doberman pinchers chained to you desk who start growling if you stop typing for even one second.

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