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this day in history 1967

First cash machine installed in UK

Remembering The Pin Number

It’s hard to remember the world pre-cash machine. To put it succinctly: it was fraught. If you wanted to have actual cash handy for the weekend, you had to visit the bank and interact with a human. Slips were involved. And pens. And if you failed to catch the tram and the bank had closed a minute early? You had to borrow money from Paul.

And you know how Paul feels about lending you money. So thank goodness for Reg Varney, the half-forgotten star of saucy sit-com On The Buses. As he has the first ever person to use a cash dispenser, which was installed at a Barclay’s in Enfield and activated on this day in 1967. The Scottish inventor, John Shepherd-Barron, was inspired to created the ATM when his local bank was closed and he had to cash a cheque at the petrol station so he had money for the weekend. See? I told you it was fraught.

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