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this day in history 1988

Golf Open final postponed for the first time, due to the weather

Damp Course

As the song almost states, ‘Golf is in the air’. Yes, the golfing season is firmly underway with the Open coming to an end and the excitement surrounding the fact that no one good is playing golf at the Olympics. But true Open Championship history was made on this day in 1988 as, due to our ‘classic’ British weather, the final round had to be abandoned on Sunday and played on a Monday for the first time ever.

The event was held at the Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club and frankly it honked it down all weekend. A flooded course nudged the proceedings away from its traditional finish and really made life really hard for TV schedulers who probably had to move Play School, which is never nice.The utter legend that was Seve Ballesteros braved the weather and won his third and final Open title, beating Nick Price by two strokes, shooting a final round of 65. Which is pretty impressive considering how utterly damp everything was. 

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