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this day in history 1965

Bob Dylan plays electric guitar for the first time at a Folk festival

Bob’s Your Funkle

Oh folk music. So calm and dependable. Lovely bearded men, quietly strumming lutes and gargling about maypoles. But all that wonderment came violently to an end on this very day in 1965 when the snarling bad boy of folk, Bob Dylan, strutted onto the stage at the Newport Folk Festival, whipped out an electric guitar to audible gasps and unleashed some heavily amplified music.

Yes, Dylan had gone electric. And nothing would ever be the same.On a whim, Dylan decided to gather together some pals and perform a few non acoustic numbers to the traditional folk loving crowd. What happened next is open to interpretation. Some say there was booing in the audience at Dylan’s rocking antics, others claimed he was warmly greeted, but people were annoyed by the poor sound quality. Whatever happened, Dylan didn’t play the festival again until 2002. And on that occasion he wore a fake beard and wig. Oh Bob.

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