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this day in history 1981

Escape to Victory was released

Like Rocky With Shin Pads

When I mention World War II, what immediately springs to mind? That’s right, football! And when I say football, which celebrity figure instantly pops into your head. Of course! Sylvester Stallone! The unstoppable juggernaut of the the Second World War, soccer and Sly clashed in cultural harmony on this day in 1981 when Escape To Victory (or just Victory if you’re American) was released.

Mingling real life football royalty such as Pele, Bobby Moore and Ossie Ardiles with acting greats like Michael Caine, it was a bit rubbish and silly. And yet it is still the most fondly remembered film about football ever.A soccer game between the nasty Germans (boo) and the plucky Allied POWs (mainly made up of the Ipswich Town first team, hurrah) is the means for their escape… to victory. But they decide to forego their half-time escape attempt to try to win the game and then evade the Nazis, Which (spoiler alert) they manage to do. Obviously.

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