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this day in history 2006

Jenson Button qualifies in 14th but goes on to win his first F1 race

Faster Than a Speeding Button

It’s Fast Friday. Vroom! Whoosh! Hoo-hah! Can you feel the fastness? To entirely get onboard with all this speed and velocity, we’re celebrating an integral moment in the life of one of our most accelerating Britishers ever. That star in a very nippy car: Jenson Button. Though on this particular day in 2006, JB (as he’s affectionately known throughout the motoring community) wasn’t going very fast at all as he ended up 14th on the grid after qualifying for the the Hungarian Grand Prix.

However, the following day the plucky Button (possibly taking Jeremy Clarkson’s advice about getting a new windscreen) negotiated the damp track and, despite his lacklustre grid placing, managed to wrangle his inaugural Formula 1 win. It was the first win by an Englishman since Johnny Herbert triumphed at the 1999 European Grand Prix. Jensen was a true Britsh hero! Then Lewis Hamilton started his F1 career the next year. Oh.

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